FL Basic Skills Requirement

Basic Skills Exam


Florida Teacher Certification Examination General Knowledge Test (082)
Florida requires its own basic skills examination for initial licensure called the Florida Teacher Certification Examination General Knowledge test (082).  You are required to pass all four sub-sections of Florida's basic skills examination within the first 6 months of entering the Foundations of Teaching (FOT) domain at WGU. This test fulfills WGU's basic skills exam requirement. This exam must be passed no more than 10 years prior to application for certification. 

See http://www.fl.nesinc.com/ for information on test dates, fees, and registration.  Minimum score requirements can be found here.

You should register to take your basic skills examination when you begin studying Foundations of Teaching to ensure you have time to complete the examination prior to enrollment in Effective Teaching Practices.

To ensure that WGU receives your scores and can verify your eligibility for DT, you must fax a copy of your official score report to the Assessments Office at 1-801-606-7021 or email a scanned copy to scores@wgu.edu.  If you uploaded your official basic skills passing scores as part of your DT application, you do not need to fax or email your scores separately.


Alternate Basic Skills Option


If you took the GRE on or after 7/1/2015, you may be permitted to use your GRE scores to satisfy the Florida basic skills requirement if the following scores are met:
GRE Analystical Writing: 4 out of 6
GRE Verbal Reasoning: 151
GRE Quantitative Reasoning: 147


To ensure WGU receives your GRE scores, you must email a scanned copy of your official score report to scores@wgu.edu, or fax a copy to 1-801-606-7021. Click here for information on ordering additional GRE score reports. 


Note: Beginning July 1, 2014, applicants for an initial Florida Educator’s Certificate may no longer use a passing score on the College-Level Academic Skills Test (CLAST) earned prior to July 1, 2002, to satisfy the General Knowledge (GK) requirement.



Article Number: 19497, 1283