GA Adding a Field to a Teaching Certificate

Adding a Field to a Georgia Teaching Certificate



The information in this article applies to students enrolled in specific WGU Master's programs (see the list of available WGU programs in the table below).


For additional information on adding fields in areas that are not offered by WGU, please see the Georgia Professional Standards Commission rules regarding how to Add a Field to an Existing Certificate




WGU Programs Available

How to Add an Additional Certification Field


MAME (Middle Grades Math)

MAME (Secondary Math)

MASE (Middle Grades Science)

MASE (Secondary Science)

MSSP (Special Education) 


WGU does not have a program that leads to Educational Leadership certification in Georgia.       


WGU students who hold a Professional Georgia teaching certificate may add a certification field to their certificate by passing the appropriate GACE content assessment (see bullet point two under "Adding A Field To A Professional Certificate" here). This should be done before applying for your certificate upgrade.


WGU students who hold an Induction teaching certificate may have a teaching field added at the request of an employing Georgia local unit of administration (LUA) if they have passed the appropriate GACE content assessment (see bullet point two under "Adding A Field To An Induction Certificate" here). This should be done before applying for your certificate upgrade.  




Step 1: Complete the Certification Update Application. This application may also be completed through your MyPSC account.


If you also wish to upgrade your certificate make sure the certification field is added to your teaching certificate before applying for your certificate upgrade or the certificate upgrade process will be delayed. To be eligible for a certificate upgrade, you must first graduate and have your degree posted to your WGU transcript. 


Please note the following from the GaPSC website in relation to adding a teaching field based on passing a GACE assessment:


“If you are adding a teaching field to a Professional teaching certificate based on passing a GACE assessment, you do not need to submit an application or any documentation. The field will automatically be added to your certificate once the passing test score is transmitted electronically to the GaPSC. It may take between 4 and 6 weeks for this transmission to be completed. Please note that the field of Early Childhood Education and the joint field of Special Education General Curriculum/Early Childhood Education may not be added in this way.”


Step 2: Official transcript reflecting your advanced degree. Two copies of your final WGU transcript will be sent to you along with your diploma upon graduation. If you would like to order additional transcripts, or if you would like to have official transcripts submitted electronically and directly to the GaPSC, see WGU Transcript Request for details. Do not request a transcript until you have received notice of graduation so that your graduation date will appear on your transcript. If you will be submitting paper copies of your transcript, be sure to leave it in the sealed envelopes. 

Step 3: Employer Assurance Form or $20 fee; 

Step 4: Verification of Lawful Presence affidavit and a copy of an acceptable ID (Not required if you have previously submitted it and are a U.S. citizen. Click here for more information).





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