GA Basic Skills Requirements

Georgia Basic Skills Requirements

Basic Skills ExamGACE Program Admission Assessment

If passed prior to September 2013, you may use the GACE Basic Skills Assessment to satisfy the basic skills exam requirement in Georgia.


Georgia requires its own basic skills examination called the GACE Program Admission Assessment. This test fulfills WGU's basic skills requirement. 



Alternate Basic Skills Options

The following is a list of alternate exams that WGU students licensing in Georgia may use to meet the basic skills requirement: 


  • SAT (Only scores from the official SAT (English version) can be considered):
    • Prior to July 1, 2019, you must have one of the following:
      • a minimum composite score of 1000 in Verbal/Critical Reading and Mathematics; 
      • or a minimum composite score of 1000 in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and Math 
    • Beginning July 1, 2019, you must have a minimum composite score of 1080 on Evidance-Based Reading/Writing and Math.
  • ACT: You must have a minimum composite score of 43 in English and Mathematics.
  • GRE: If you tested with the new GRE format (on or after August 1, 2011), you must have a minimum composite score of 297 in Verbal and Quantitative. If you tested with the old GRE format (before August 1, 2011), you must have a minimum composite score of 1030 in Verbal and Quantitative.
  • Praxis I (PPST): You must have either passed all three parts OR achieved a composite score of 526 on the three subtests if you took all three tests by March 5, 2007. 

For more details regarding these exemptions, please see GaPSC Certification and Licensure Assessment Information for the Program Admission Assessment.


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