How to Order an FBI Background Check

How to Order an FBI Background Check


Note: These instructions are for WGU students who need to order a personal review of their FBI records. If you are seeking a clearance from a state department of education or any other agency, do not follow these instructions. Instead, go to the Teacher Licensure Home Page, find the table of contents for your state, and refer to the background clearance instructions there. Send inquiries to  


There are three ways to order a background check from the FBI:


1. Electronically: Select the link in step one on the FBI site, and enter your email address to start the process. You will immediately be sent an email to that address. There is a pin number at the top of the email. Keep this pin, it is how you will be able to access your clearance once it is completed. There are seven steps to complete, and the email will direct you to the next steps. Be sure you are requesting your clearance for PERSONAL REVIEW.


2. Use an FBI Channeler: WGU recommends using an FBI Channeler (option 3 on the FBI website) as it is considerably faster than mailing an order directly to the FBI (approx. 2 weeks processing time).


3. Submit an Order by Mail: This option costs less than using an FBI Channeler but is much slower (approx. 12-14 weeks processing time).


For detailed information, links, and instructions on ordering a personal review FBI background check go to FBI Identity History Summary Checks.



Important information for WGU students when ordering a personal review background check from the FBI:


  • Have the results of your FBI background check sent to you, and then upload your background check results in your student Field Experience portal under PCE Background Clearance and/or DT Background Clearance.
  • You'll be ordering this FBI background check for the purpose of a "personal review," and forwarding the results to WGU. It may not be used for employment or licensing purposes.
  • WGU does not have an "ORI" number to provide to FBI channelers, and this is not needed as the results of the background check should be returned to you (and then forwarded by you to WGU). 
  • If a channeler is unable to fulfill your request, or other difficulties arise, select a different channeler from the FBI Channeler list.




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