IA Adding an Endorsement to a Teaching License

Adding an Endorsement to an Iowa Teaching License

The information in this article applies to students enrolled in specific WGU endorsement programs. For additional information on adding areas that are not offered at WGU, see the information on Adding Endorsements provided by the IA Department of Education.




WGU Program


How to Add an Additional Endorsement


All Endorsement Programs


Licensed Iowa educators can apply for additional teaching endorsements by completing a teacher preparation endorsement program, passing the applicable Praxis subject matter examination, and receiving an Institutional Recommendation from a regionally and state-approved program like WGU. The Certification Officer cannot recommend you for an endorsement until you have graduated and WGU has copies of all required state pedagogy and content exam scores.

Those who have completed a WGU endorsement preparation program and would like that endorsement added to their current Iowa teaching license must follow the application instructions below.

Note: The requirements to add an endorsement in Iowa are the same, whether you are adding an endorsement at a new grade level (Elementary to Secondary) or the same grade level (Secondary to Secondary).




Step 1: If you have not completed the IA background check already, you must order a fingerprint packet from the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners. See this link for more information: http://www.state.ia.us/boee/FPPktReq.html

Step 2:  Obtain transcripts. Two copies of your final WGU transcript will be sent to you along with your diploma upon graduation. If you would like to order additional transcripts, see WGU Transcript Request. Do not request a transcript until you have received notice of graduation, so that your graduation date will appear on your transcript. Be sure to leave your transcripts in the sealed envelopes to be included with your application packet.

Step 3: Download the Application to Add an Endorsement from out of state institution available here.

Step 4: Complete Section I of the application. Send Section II to the WGU Certification Officer at the contact information below, who will complete it and send it back to you in a sealed envelope for inclusion in your application packet. Fax and e-mail submissions are preferred; e-mail attachments should be in PDF format. Include your mailing address with your request.

Teachers College Certification Officer
Western Governors University
4001 South 700 East, Suite 700
Salt Lake City, UT 84107

Fax: 801-401-7961             

Email: licensure@wgu.edu


Step 5: Compile in your application packet:
1. Completed and signed application form,
2. WGU official transcripts,
3. Official Praxis score report documenting all passing scores on required exams,
4. Application fee: $60.00 for evaluation and processing plus $50.00 for issuance of the license, as a check or money order

Step 6: Mail completed packet to

Iowa Board of Educational Examiners
Grimes State Office Building
Des Moines, IA 50319-0146




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