IA Background Clearance Information

Iowa Background Clearance Information

All background checks submitted to the WGU certification office must be less than two years old to meet WGU requirements. Previously submitted background checks that will be over two years old by the end date of your Demonstration Teaching will need to be renewed by the background clearance deadline set for your cohort.


If you are enrolled in an initial program you will be required to submit 2 background clearances; one for Iowa and one for Utah.


Utah Background Check Instructions:
Click here for instructions on ordering your background clearance from the Utah State Board of Education (USBE).


Iowa Background Check Instructions
For Iowa, you need to go to your local police station and request a fingerprint check for PERSONAL reasons.  Have the results of the background check returned to you, and upload your background check results in your student Field Experience portal under PCE Background Clearance and/or DT Background Clearance.


If your local police station will not complete a fingerprint background check, you can complete a name-based background check online here: https://iowacriminalhistory.iowa.gov/default.aspx. Upload your background check results in your student Field Experience portal under PCE Background Clearance and/or DT Background Clearance.

School District Background Clearance Option:

WGU students who are currently employed in a school district and completed a recent background check may have the option of submitting their school district clearance to WGU. Please see the School District Background Clearance article in this handbook for more information.

Note that you will be required to complete another background check with the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners prior to certification. See the Iowa Teacher Certification Application Information article for more details.


Additional Clearance Information:
In certain circumstances, even though you have been cleared for demonstration teaching by WGU, the school district in which you are placed for field experiences may have an additional background check requirement that is not required by WGU. Or, the school district may make a different determination regarding a background clearance. You may be required to provide additional documentation to the school district. If so, you are also required to abide by the school district’s decision of approval or denial of the submitted background clearance information.  


Background questions please contact WGU Background Specialists at tcbackgroundcheck@wgu.edu  or call 866-889-0132 option 5.





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