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Elementary Generalist (Grades K-6) (BAISK or BAELED programs only)


Indiana has the following general requirements for all applicants for initial teacher certification who have completed of an in-state teacher preparation program:

1. DEGREE REQUIREMENTS: Graduation from a Bachelor's degree program offered by a regionally accredited college or university.

2. PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS: Completion of an in-state approved/NCATE accredited teacher education program.

3. CPR REQUIREMENT: Completion of the required CPR/Heimlich maneuver certification. As of July 1, 2012, all applicants for both initial licensure and renewal must show proof of valid CPR/AED/Heimlich certification. 

4. EXAM REQUIREMENTS: Passing scores on all of the required Praxis or Indiana CORE Assessments. Please refer to the the Indiana Table of Contents article to view the exams required for your content area. More information can also be found on the Indiana Department of Education website.

5. SUICIDE PREVENTION REQUIREMENT:  All individuals applying for an initial teaching license will be required to show evidence of successfully completing education and training on the prevention of child suicide and the recognition of signs that a student may be considering suicide. More information is available on the Indiana Department of Education website and on the Indiana Suicide Prevention website.

For further details on IN teacher certification requirements, please see the instructions for in-state program graduates on the IN Department of Education website.




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