IN Secondary Social Science Certification and Exam Requirements - Direct Pathway

In Indiana, this program leads to an Initial Practitioner license in one of the following areas:
Social Studies: Historical Perspectives (Grades 5-12)
Social Studies: Economics (Grades 5-12)
Social Studies: Geographical Perspectives (Grades 5-12)
Social Studies: Government and Citizenship (Grades 5-12)
Social Studies: Psychology (Grades 5-12)
Social Studies: Sociology (Grades 5-12)

Exam Requirements

1) Content Exam Requirement (Choose one of the following options):
You must pass this exam to graduate from your program and be recommended for certification.

Certification Area


Current Requirements



Previous Requirements. Eligible for Licensure if Passed by 5/31/14


Historical Perspectives

IN CORE Social Studies - Historical Perspectives (051) 

  Praxis 5941, World and US History: Content Knowledge

IN CORE Social Studies - Economics (048) 

  Praxis 5910, Economics
Geographical Perspectives

IN CORE Social Studies - Geographical Perspectives (049) 

  Praxis 5921, Geography
Government and Citizenship

IN CORE Social Studies - Government and Citizenship (050) 

  Praxis 5930, Government/Political Science

IN CORE Social Studies - Psychology (052) 

  Praxis 5390, Psychology

IN CORE Social Studies - Sociology (053) 

  Praxis 5950, Sociology
 All Areas     If the Praxis 5081 Social Studies exam was passed by 8/31/2013, this exam is eligible for licensure in lieu of the specialized area content exam mentioned above.


2) Pedagogy Exam Requirement

IN CORE 006, Secondary Education

This exam is not required for graduation but is required to receive a license recommendation from WGU.

3) WGU Program Requirement

Praxis 5081, Social Studies: Content Knowledge

You must pass this exam to graduate from your program and be recommended for certification.


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