KY Early Childhood Education Certification and Exam Requirements

Western Governors University no longer offers enrollment into a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education program. This handbook article is meant for archival/reference purposes only.


Kentucky Early Childhood Education Certification and Exam Requirements

Note: While we do our best to give you accurate and up to date information about your state requirements, we are not infallible. State requirements change frequently.  It is your responsibility, and in your best interest, to double check certification and licensure requirements with your state’s Department of Education.
The Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB) requires graduates from an out-of-state institution, like WGU, to obtain a license in the home-state of the program (Utah) prior to applying for a license in Kentucky.  


All Praxis exams must be less than 5 years old at time you apply for licensure in Kentucky. 


Early Childhood Education Certification Available
: Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education Birth to Primary


Graduates of a WGU early childhood education teacher preparation program will be eligible for Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education Birth to Primary (Kindergarten)teacher certification in Kentucky, which will allow them to teach in any multiple subject classroom in that grade range. Please note that while WGU's early childhood education teacher preparation program covers teaching children from birth to grade three, birth through primary certification will be awarded in Kentucky because that is how the KY Education Professional Standards Board defines the grade range of early childhood education. 

Early Childhood Education Exams and Requirements:

Content Exam for initial UT Certification:  Choose one of the following exams:
1. Praxis 5001, Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects (Or, if at least one sub-test is passed on or before 8/31/2014 with all four sub-tests passed on or before 7/1/2015: Praxis 5031 Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects)
2. Praxis 5025, Early Childhood Education (Or, if passed before 9/1/2015, Praxis 5022, Early Childhood: Content Knowledge)

Content Exam for KY Certification:
1. Praxis 5023, Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education

WGU ECE Program Requirement (for students who matriculated on March 1, 2012 or later.  See the WGU Program Requirement for the Early Childhood Education program):

You have four options to satisfy the WGU Program Requirement.  You may pass any of these four exams:

  1. Praxis 5001, Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects
    2.     Praxis 5018, Elementary Education: Content Knowledge
    3.     Praxis 5014, Elementary Education: Content Knowledge
    4.     Praxis 5031, Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects


    Before registering for the Praxis II exams, be sure to review WGU's general policies regarding external certification exams. Exam registration is available through the ETS website at  The ETS website will provide you with the test dates available. The minimum required scores for Kentucky can be found by reviewing the KY Praxis Exam Requirements.


    To ensure that WGU receives ALL of your exam scores and can verify your eligibility for licensure, you must fax a copy of your official score report to the Assessments Office at 801-906-5108 or email a scanned copy to All required exam scores must be on file with WGU at your time of graduation so that the Certification Officer can recommend you for certification.


    Information on how to submit a direct application to Kentucky for initial teacher certification upon completion of your WGU program is available in the Kentucky Teacher Certification Application Information article in this handbook.



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