MD Elementary Education Certification and Exam Requirements

Maryland Elementary Education Certification and Exam Requirements

In Maryland, this program leads to a certification in Elementary Education, Grades 1-6.

Elementary Education Exams and Requirements:


Exam Requirement Note
1) Elementary Content Exam

For test dates 9/1/2019 or after:

Praxis 7811: Elementary Education, Content Knowledge for Teaching


For test dates 7/1/2018-8/31/2019:

Praxis 7801: Elementary Education, Content Knowledge for Teaching


For test dates 6/30/2018 or before:

Praxis 5019: Elementary Education, Instructional Practice and Applications  

This exam is required for graduation and to be recommended for licensure.


Passing Praxis 5019 scores obtained on or before 6/30/2018 may be used to meet the content exam requirement for Maryland licensure until 6/30/2020. No Praxis 5019 score achieved on or after 7/1/2018 may be accepted. 


Any application submitted on or after 7/1/2020 must include a passing Praxis 7801 or 7811 score report, based on the date the exam is taken.


2) Elementary Pedagogy Exam


Praxis 5622: Principles of Learning and Teaching, Grades K–6 *


Praxis 5205: Teaching Reading, Elementary


Required to be passed before requesting a Letter of Recommendation for Licensure from the WGU Licensure Office.


The following exams can be substituted for the Praxis 5205: Teaching Reading, Elementary:

  • If passed prior to 9/1/2019, the Praxis 5203: Teaching Reading, Elementary Education 
  • If passed prior to 9/1/2013, the Praxis 5201, Reading Across the Curriculum: Elementary


* NoteEffective 7/1/2019, if you completed edTPA during the demonstration teaching portion of your WGU teacher preparation program, then you do not need to pass Praxis 5622, Principles of Learning and Teaching: Elementary Education. If you did not complete edTPA, then you will need to pass Praxis 5622 to be eligible for licensure recommendation in Maryland.


Visit these links for more important information:

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