MI Basic Skills Requirement

Michigan Basic Skills Requirement

Basic Skills Exam: Praxis 5751, Core Academic Skills for Educators Tests

Prior to 9/25/2018: SAT (Evidence-Based Reading, Writing, and Mathematics)

Prior to 9/23/2017: MTTC Professional Readiness Examination (096)*

SAT Scores are valid for tests taken on or after March 5, 2016.

While the Michigan Department of Education no longer requires a basic skills exam for certification for applicants after 9/25/2018, WGU requires that all students in the Teachers College take and pass a basic skills test within the first 6 months of entering the Foundations of Teaching (FOT) domain. (See WGU Basic Skills Requirement and Cut Scores in this handbook for more information.)


*Previous Basic Skills Exam and Retake Policy:


Prior to September 25, 2018, Michigan required the SAT as the basic skills exam. The following passing scores are required:


Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 480

Mathematics: 530


Note: The SAT Essay is not required. 

Prior to September 23, 2017, Michigan required the MTTC PRE as the Basic Skills. Michigan will still accept the PRE and its alternatives listed below if it was passed prior to 10/1/2017.

Alternative Passing Score Option (for exams passed prior to 9/23/2017)
Michigan has 2 alternatives to passing all sections of the PRE.


1. PRE: For students who have passed two subtests and met a lower cut score on the third, there is an alternative cut score for the third section. Questions regarding alternative cut scores for the PRE should be directed to licensure@wgu.edu.

MME Scores are valid for tests taken from January 2007 through January 2015.

2. ACT: Michigan will also accept passing scores on the ACT in lieu of the PRE. One can use a section from the ACT and the PRE to meet the total. In other words, you may "mix and match" the ACT and PRE. The following minimum scores must be met:
Reading = 22
Mathematics = 22
Combined English/Writing = 22 (note, English alone will not be accepted; only the combined English/Writing score is accepted)

ACT Scores are valid for tests taken from January 1989 to September 23, 2017.


Students may also "mix and match" subtests from the SAT, ACT, PRE, and PRE alternative passing scores as long as the subtests from the ACT or PRE were passed before 9/23/2017. For example, if a student passed a PRE subtest and an ACT subtest, they may use the PRE alternative passing score for the remaining subtest. A student may only use one PRE alternative passing score to satisfy the basic skills requirement.


You must submit an official copy of your score report to scores@wgu.edu. You can find information on submitting your ACT/SAT scores here.



Visit these links for important information:


Registering for Praxis Exams

Submitting SAT/ACT Scores to WGU

Submitting Exam Scores to WGU 



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