MN Secondary Mathematics Certification and Exam Requirements

Minnesota Secondary Mathematics Certification and Exam Requirements

In Minnesota, this program leads to a license in Mathematics Grades 5-12

Important Note Regarding Field Experiences and Licensure

1) Content Exam*:

Beginning 8/26/2019: MTLE Mathematics (Grades 5-12) 207 and 208 (2 subtests)

or, if taken 8/25/2019 or earlier:  MTLE Mathematics (Grades 5-12) 054 and 055 (2 subtests)

You must pass this exam to graduate from the program and be recommended for licensure. 

2) Pedagogy Exam*: 

Beginning 8/26/2019: MTLE Pedagogy: Secondary (5-12) 209 and 210 (2 subtests)

or, if taken 8/25/2019 or earlier:  MTLE Pedagogy: Secondary (Grades 5-12) 014 and 015 (2 subtests)

You must pass this exam to be recommended for licensure. 


3) WGU Program Requirement:  Praxis 5161 Mathematics: Content Knowledge

 You must pass this exam, or a WGU Program Requirement exam previously accepted for the Secondary Mathematics program, in order to graduate from this program and be recommended for certification. 


*Note from MTLE site regarding test regeneration: 

"Examinees who had not passed all subtests of the current assessment prior to the transition can complete each assessment requirement by combining a Pass status on one or more subtests of the current MTLE test (e.g., 101 Reading Teacher (Grades K–to12) Subtest 1 with a Pass status on the other subtest(s) of the redeveloped MTLE test (e.g., 212 Reading Teacher (Grades K–to12) Subtest 2). Examinees may be responsible for submitting a copy of their score report(s) with their license application."


**Demonstration Teaching Requirement: MN requires a split DT placement for all it's 5-12 single subject licenses.  Students must do half their placement in a 5-8 classroom and half in a 9-12 classroom.



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Article Number : 19782, 2398


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