MN Teacher Certification Application Information and Instructions

Minnesota Teacher Certification Application Information and Instructions

To be eligible for recommendation by the Certification Office, students completing a bachelor’s degree, a post-baccalaureate certification or a Master of Science in Special Education degree must graduate and have their degree posted to their WGU transcript.  Students who are pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching degree must have marks of "passed” on their Degree Plan for all teacher preparation assessments to include any program required Praxis exams as well as all state required exams.

Minnesota accepts direct application for licensure from teacher candidates who graduated from an out-of-state teacher preparation program.  Please follow the steps below to prepare your application for Minnesota licensure through their online system. Minnesota will not accept partial applications: you must have all paperwork in one envelope to submit to the Minnesota PELSB

Completers of an Initial Teacher Preparation program at WGU are eligible for a Tier 3 Minnesota Educator License.


Step 1: Complete the Application for a Tier 3 Minnesota Educator License paperwork. The application begins on page 4 of the linked PDF file. 

Please note: 

a. The applicant MUST have a Social Security Number, which is required as part of the Applicant Information in section 1. The applicant must provide their name as it appears on their social security card.  When inputting the email address, Minnesota recommends using one most frequently checked.

b. Completers of an Initial Teacher Preparation program at WGU are eligible for a Tier 3 Minnesota Educator License.

c. Completers of an Endorsement program at WGU will complete the same application and mark the box to indicate the addition of a licensure field to an existing Minnesota License in section 2: Application Type.

Step 2: Request official transcripts in sealed envelopes from all graduate or undergraduate institutions attended. Two copies of your final WGU transcript will be sent to you along with your diploma upon graduation. If you would like to order additional transcripts, see WGU Transcript Request. Do not request a transcript until you have received notice of graduation, so that your graduation date will appear on your transcript. Masters students may request a transcript after completing the teacher preparation portion of their Masters program. Be sure to leave your transcripts in the sealed envelopes to be included with your application packet.

Step 3: A fingerprint card is required for all initial licensing applications. To request a fingerprint card, email or call 651-539-4200 (option 1) and include your full name and mailing address in your message.  If you use a fingerprint card from a local police station, make sure it has the sky blue border. If you are applying for an endorsement, you do not need to submit a new fingerprint card.

Step 7:  Fill out the top portion of the Verification of Completion of a State-Approved Licensure Program form (page 11 of the Application) with your personal information.   If you have not already submitted your Praxis and/or MTLE content and pedagogy exam scores to WGU, send a copy of them to and to so that your licensure recommendation can be completed. If you were not able to send the score report for your basic skills exam to the Minnesota DOE, please indicate in your email if you would like the Licensure Office to write a letter verifying the exam(s) and scores used to satisfy the basic skills exam requirement to include with your application. 

Step 8:  Send the page 11 of the application packet, Verification of Completion of a State-Approved Licensure Program form, to the contact information below.  Email attachments should be in pdf format. The Certification Officer will fill out the bottom part of the form and mail it back to you in a sealed envelope for inclusion in your application packet. If you have requested a letter verifying your basic skills exam, this letter will be mailed with the verification form.


Fax: 801-401-7961


Step 9: Once you receive the completed Verification of Completion of a State-Approved Licensure Program form back from WGU, you are ready to compile and mail your supporting application documents in one envelope:


  1. Check or Money Order payable to PELSB according to fees listed on the top of the first page of the official application, page 4 of PDF file
  2. Fingerprint card (do NOT fold or bend the card)
  3. All official transcripts in sealed envelopes
  4. The Verification of Licensure Program form
  5.  The letter verifying your basic skills exam and scores, if requested


All documents must be mailed in one complete packet. The mailing address is:


1021 Bandana Blvd. East, Suite 222

Saint Paul, MN 55108-5111


**The Online Licensing System is only for NEW Substitute and Administrator Licenses. 






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