MO Basic Skills Requirements - Approved Pathway

Missouri Basic Skills Requirement - Approved Pathway

Basic Skills Exam: Missouri General Education Assessment (MoGEA)

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education requires students in an educator preparation program to pass the MoGEA.

MoGEA Passing Score Requirements

WGU's minimum score requirements for the subtests of the MoGEA are:


New MoGEA (after 8/31/2015)

Old MoGEA (offered until 8/31/2015)

Reading Comprehension and Interpretation (66): 220

English Language Arts (001): 203


Writing (67): 193

Writing (002): 193

Mathematics (68): 220

Mathematics (003): 183

Science and Social Studies (69): 220

Science (004): 202


Social Studies (005): 202


Note about required scores on MoGEA subtests: Candidates must pass subtests in all of the content areas, and Missouri will accept passing scores from both the "old" and the "new" versions of the MoGEA to meet this requirement. Candidates who passed either Science (004) or Social Studies (005), but not both, must pass Science and Social Studies (69).  


Unacceptable Exams:
WGU and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education will no longer accept the CBASE  exam as it has been phased out for admission to colleges approved for teacher education in Missouri. 


To ensure that WGU receives your scores and can verify your eligibility for DT, you must email a scanned copy of your score report to or fax a copy of your official score report to the Assessments Office at 1-801-906-5108.