MO Certification Requirements and Available Licenses - Reciprocity Pathway

Missouri Certification Requirements and Available Licenses - Reciprocity Pathway


Completers of WGU's teacher preparation programs will obtain an initial teaching license in Utah, then apply for a Missouri teaching license via the reciprocity pathway. Please see the Missouri State Advisories article for additional information. 



Early Childhood Education, Birth-Grade 3
Elementary Education, 1-6
Special Education-Mild/Moderate Cross-Categorical Disabilities, Grades K-12
Middle School Mathematics, Grades 5-9
Middle School Science, Grades 5-9
Secondary Social Science, Grades 9-12
Secondary Mathematics, Grades 9-12
Secondary Biology, Grades 9-12
Secondary Chemistry, Grades 9-12
Secondary Earth Science, Grades 9-12
Secondary Physics, Grades 9-12
Secondary English, Grades 9-12
English for Speakers of Other Languages, K-12
Principal, K-8 or 7-12

Missouri has the following general requirements for applicants for initial teacher certification via the reciprocity pathway:


1. PROGRAM COMPLETION: Completion of a teacher education program that is approved to lead to teacher certification in the home-state of the program, and possession of a teaching certificate from the home-state of the program. 

2. DEGREE REQUIREMENTS: Graduation from a Bachelor's degree program offered by an accredited college or university.

3. BACKGROUND CLEARANCE: Background clearance resulting from completion of the required background check

4. TEACHER OF RECORD POLICY: Since students in Missouri will obtain their initial teaching license in Utah, those who desire to complete student teaching in their own classrooms as paid, contracted teachers, must abide by this policy

5. PROVISIONAL TEACHER CERTIFICATION:  Due to the structure of WGU's curriculum, students are not eligible for Provisional certification in Missouri prior to completing their program.  




Article Number: 19807, 1795

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