MS BA Special Education/Elementary Education Certification and Exam Requirements

Mississippi BA Special Education/ Elementary Education Certification and Exam Requirements

In Mississippi, this program leads to a Five Year Educator License in Elementary Education K-6 and Special Education Mild/Moderate Disability K-12.


1) Elementary Content Exam for Mississippi Certification: Praxis 5017, Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
If passed prior to 6/31/2015, the Praxis 5011, Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment exam will be accepted for certification until 9/1/2019. 


2) Special Education Content Exams for Mississippi Certification: Praxis 5354 Special Education: Core Knowledge and Applications.


3) WGU Program Required ExamPraxis 5543 Special Education: Core Knowledge and Mild to Moderate ApplicationsIf you matriculated on or after 9/1/2011, you must pass this exam to graduate from your program.


4) Pedagogy Exams for Mississippi Certification: Praxis 5622 Principles of Learning and Teaching Grades K-6 AND Mississippi Foundations of Reading. These exams must be passed before applying for Mississippi licensure. 


Recommended exam: The  Praxis 5511 Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge is required for Special Education teachers who need to demonstrate Highly Qualified Status.


MS Pre-Service Teaching Certificate Required Prior to DT

After obtaining the results of your Mississippi Department of Public Safety background clearance, and at least one month before your Demonstration Teaching (DT) start date you must begin the process of obtaining a Mississippi Pre-Service Teaching License.  See the MS Pre-Service Teaching Certificate Required Prior to DT article for more information.


Visit these links for more important information:
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