MT Administrator Certification Application Information

Montana Administrator Certification Application Information and Instructions

IMPORTANT: To be eligible for recommendation by the Certification Office, students completing an Educational Leadership program must graduate and have their degree posted to their WGU transcript. 

Montana accepts direct applications for licensure from those who have completed an out of state administrator preparation program.  Follow the steps below to prepare your application for an initial Montana Administrative Class 3 License with a school principal endorsement.

Step 1: Review the requirements for administrative licensure in Montana by scrolling down to where it says "II. Principal"

Step 2: If you have not already done so, you must first do a fingerprint-based background check through the Montana Department of Justice.  You can request a fingerprint packet and obtain additional information about the fingerprinting process through the Montana Office of Public Instruction website.

Step 3: Order transcripts to be sent electronically to by following instructions outlined WGU's Transcript Request article. Do not request a transcript until you have received notice of graduation so that your graduation date will appear on your transcript. You may also have them mailed to Montana's Office of Public Instruction. Two copies of your final WGU transcript will be sent to you along with your diploma upon graduation. Be sure to leave your transcripts in the sealed envelopes to be included with your application packet.

Step 4: Complete the online application here.   

Step 5: Fill out the Applicant Information only of the Institutional Evaluation and Recommendation form with your personal information and send it to the WGU Teachers College Certification Officer at the contact information below, who will complete the form and send it electronically to the Montana Office of Public Instruction. Fax and email submissions are preferred; email attachments should be in PDF format.


Teachers College Certification Officer

Western Governors University

4001 South 700 East, Suite 700

Salt Lake City, UT 84107


Fax: 801-401-7961


Step 6: Complete the Notary Page. Please note that this form must be signed in the presence of a Notary.

Step 7: Submit the Verification of Education Experience form on p.10 to the proper official at your employing school district, who will complete the form and return it to you for inclusion in your application packet. You need to verify three years of teaching experience at the level appropriate to the school principal license you are seeking. If necessary, submit additional copies of the form to previous employing school districts in order to verify sufficient teaching experience.   

Step 8: Complete the checklist on the application and then compile all application documents:

1. Official WGU transcript (if not sent electronically)
3. Class 3 Institutional Evaluation and Recommendation form, still in the sealed envelope,  
4. Notary Page
5. Verification of Education Experience form(s),
7. Check or money order for the $36 application fee, made payable to the Montana Office of Public Instruction.

Step 8: Mail application documents in one package to

Montana Office of Public Instruction

Attn. Educator Licensure
PO Box 202501
Helena, MT 59620-2501




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