MT Educational Leadership Certification Requirements

Montana Educational Leadership Certification Requirements

In Montana, completion of a WGU Educational Leadership program leads to a Class 3 Administrative License with K-12 Principal endorsement.

1. MASTER'S DEGREE: A master's degree in educational leadership from an accredited professional educator preparation program  or a master's degree from any accredited professional educator preparation program and a minimum of 24 graduate semester credits from a school administrator preparation program in the following content areas: (i) school leadership; (ii) instructional leadership to include supervision and elementary or secondary curriculum; (iii) successful completion of three semester credits of college coursework in Montana school law; and (iv) school and community relations.

2. EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: A minimum of three years of successful experience in an accredited school as an appropriately licensed and assigned Class 1 or 2 teacher or Class 5 Provisional License at the level appropriate to the license sought (elementary or secondary). If you are seeking the K-12 license, you need to complete your practicum at both the elementary and secondary levels.

3. MT SCHOOL LAW:  MT requires successful completion of 3 semester credits of college coursework in Montana school law, including special education law.  This course is offered at the following institutions:  Montana State University – Bozeman; Montana State University – Northern; Rocky Mountain College & University of Montana.

4. RECOMMENDATION: Recommendation for certification from the approved preparation program completed.

5. WGU PROGRAM REQUIREMENT: Beginning 9/1/2018, the WGU program requirement is the Praxis 5412: Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision for students in Montana. If passed prior to 8/31/2018, the Praxis 5411: Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision satisfies the WGU Program Requirement.

6. PRACTICUM REQUIREMENT: WGU requires Educational Leadership candidates to complete a practicum in accordance with the hour requirements listed here.


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For further details on Montana administrator certification requirements, please see the Montana Educator Licensure Rules, section 10. 57.413 through 10.57.417 available at


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