NE Master of Arts in Science Education (MASE) Certification and Exam Requirements

Nebraska Master of Arts in Science Education (MASE) Certification and Exam Requirements

In Nebraska, WGU's endorsement preparation programs in science lead to an endorsement in one of the following areas:

Biology, Grades 7-12
Chemistry, Grades 7-12
Earth and Space Science, Grades 7-12
Physics, Grades 7-12

*Nebraska only offers a general middle grades license to which teachers can add specialized areas. Since WGU's middle grades programs are subject specific, students seeking certification cannot enroll in the MAME grades 5-9 program. 

Educators holding a current Nebraska teaching certificate may apply for full endorsement in additional teaching areas after completing a teacher preparation program in the new certification area. Provisional endorsement can be applied for after completing 50% of the teacher preparation program (see 

Nebraska requires 7 weeks of student teaching of those seeking to add a new subject endorsement at a new grade level (i.e. an elementary school teacher who wants to teach secondary math). WGU's Masters in Science and Math Education endorsement programs do not provide this student teaching component, and thus are only suitable for Nebraska educators already licensed at the 7-12 level.  
Science Exams and Requirements:                       




WGU Graduation Requirement


MASE Grades 5-12 (Secondary): Biology


Praxis 5235, Biology: Content Knowledge

MASE Grades 5-12 (Secondary): Chemistry


Praxis 5245, Chemistry: Content Knowledge

MASE Grades 5-12 (Secondary): Earth and Space Science


Praxis 5571, Earth and Space Sciences: Content Knowledge

MASE Grades 5-12 (Secondary): Physics


Praxis 5265, Physics: Content Knowledge


These exams also satisfy the WGU Praxis Graduation Requirement for MASE programs. 

Visit these links for important information:
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Registering for Praxis Exams

Submitting Exam Scores to WGU

Adding an Endorsement to a Nebraska Teaching Certificate



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