NJ Educational Leadership Certification Requirements

New Jersey Educational Leadership Certification Requirements

In New Jersey, this program leads to a certification in School Principal (CE).

New Jersey has the following requirements for applicants for a Certificate of Eligibility for a school principal endorsement:
1. DEGREE: A master's degree in educational leadership or a Masters degree and completion of a post-master’s program resulting in a certificate of advanced study in educational leadership, or completion of a master's degree with a coherent sequence of 30 semester hour credits of equivalent coursework from a regionally accredited university.   

2. PRACTICUM: WGU requires Educational Leadership candidates to complete a practicum in accordance with the hour requirements listed here.

3. CERTIFICATE: A valid provisional or standard New Jersey or equivalent out-of-state instructional or educational services certificate.


4.EXPERIENCE: At least five years of successful educational experience under a valid provisional or standard New Jersey or equivalent out-of-state certificate.


5. RESIDENCY PROGRAM: Please note that upon receipt of a CE for the school principal endorsement, you then need to gain employment as a school administrator and complete a New Jersey two-year residency program in order to be eligible for standard certification. 

6. EXAM REQUIREMENTS: Pass the following two exams:

1. NJ Required Exam: SLS 6011: School Leaders License Assessment

Note: The SLS 6011 will retire 8/31/2019. As of 8/30/2018, New Jersey has not named a replacement exam. You must pass this exam to graduate from your program and be recommended for licensure. 
WGU Program Requirement:  Beginning 9/1/2018, the WGU program requirement is the Praxis 5412: Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision for students in New Jersey. If passed prior to 8/31/2018, the Praxis 5411: Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision satisfies the WGU Program Requirement.

For further details on New Jersey school principal certification requirements, please see http://www.state.nj.us/education/educators/license/endorsements/0299CE.pdf.

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