NV Adding an Endorsement to a Teaching License-Direct Pathway

 Adding an Endorsement to a Nevada Teaching License

The information in this article applies to students enrolled in specific WGU endorsement programs. For additional information on adding areas that are not offered at WGU, see the NV Guidelines for An Additional Endorsement and the Nevada Administrative Code for additional licenses.




WGU Program


How to Add an Additional Endorsement


MA Mathematics Education (MAME)


MA Science Education (MASE)


Nevada allows licensees to add middle level and secondary subject areas to an existing certificate by testing alone. Visit Nevada's updated regulations for more information. 


MS Special Education (MSSP)


English Language Learning (ENDELL, MAELL)


Educators holding current Nevada teaching licenses can add endorsements in Special Education or English as a Second Language (TESL) to their licenses by completing a state-approved teacher preparation program in the new teaching area. See the application instructions below.



Step 1: Request official electronic transcripts from every college where you completed coursework applicable to the endorsement sought. To order WGU electronic transcripts, see WGU Transcript Request. All electronic transcripts must be emailed to transcripts@doe.nv.gov from the issuing organization. 

Step 2: Register for your online application through the OPAL licensing system.

Step 3: Email licensure@wgu.edu to request a letter of recommendation on university letterhead to be uploaded to the Application/Forms page of your application. 

Step 4: Compile your electronic application: make sure all transcripts are emailed, applicable testing score reports are submitted, verification of teaching experience, and any other required fields.


Note: Applicants must have passed the required exams within five years prior to the date they apply for licensure.

Step 5: Submit payment in the form of Visa, MasterCard, or Discover in the amount of $50.00 per requested endorsement. Submit your online application. 




Article Number: 19851, 1568