NV Certification Requirements and Available Licenses-Approved Pathway


Elementary Education, K-8

Exceptional Pupils Generalist Resource Room, K-12

Secondary Social Studies, Grades 7-12-ARL Only

Secondary Mathematics, Grades 7-12

Secondary Biological Science (Comprehensive), Grades 7-12

Secondary Chemistry (Single Subject), Grades 7-12

Secondary Earth Science (Single Subject), Grades 7-12

Secondary Physics (Single Subject), Grades 7-12

Secondary English, Grades 7-12-ARL Only


Nevada has the following general requirements for all applicants for initial teacher certification:

1. DEGREE REQUIREMENTS: Graduation from a Bachelor's degree program at an accredited college or university.

2. PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS: Completion of a teacher preparation program offered by an accredited institution.

3. BACKGROUND CLEARANCE: Background clearance resulting from completion of the required background check.


4. PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT AND FAMILY ENGAGEMENT: You must complete this course at one of the Nevada approved institutions. Click here for a list of approved courses. If you do not complete this prior to applying for your initial license, you will receive your initial license with this provision. 


5. BASIC SKILLS EXAM: Passing scores on the Nevada Basic Skills Exam. The scores must have been obtained within five years prior to the date that you apply for licensure.


6. CONTENT AND PEDAGOGY EXAMS: Passing scores on all of the required Praxis content and pedagogy exams. The scores must have been obtained within five years prior to the date that you apply for licensure.

7. MAJOR OR MINOR REQUIREMENTS: Secondary education candidates must have a major or minor in the area of specialization requested on their license.

For additional information on these requirements, please see the Nevada Department of Education website.




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