NY Teacher and Administrator Certification Application Information and Instructions

New York Teacher and Administrator Certification Application Information and Instructions

Note: While we do our best to give you accurate and up to date information about your state requirements, we are not infallible. State requirements change frequently. It is your responsibility, and in your best interest, to double check certification and licensure requirements with your state’s Department of Education.

To be eligible for recommendation by the Certification Office, students completing a bachelor's degree, a post baccalaureate certification or Master's degree must graduate and have their degree posted to their WGU transcript.

Certification in NY requires the completion of a number of workshops. Please see the "Completion of Workshops" information in the NY Certification Requirements and Available Licenses
article for information on how to take these workshops. 

Step 1: Request official transcripts in sealed envelopes from every college you have attended. Two copies of your final WGU transcript will be sent to you along with your diploma upon graduation. If you would like to order additional transcripts, see WGU Transcript Request. Do not request a transcript until you have received notice of graduation, so that your graduation date will appear on your transcript. Be sure to leave your transcripts in the sealed envelopes to be included with your application packet.

Step 2: Write to licensure@wgu.edu and request that a letter be sent to you for inclusion in your application packet verifying that the WGU program you graduated from is state-approved in Utah to lead to certification. Please confirm your mailing address in this email.

Step 3: Go to the New York State Education Department website to access the TEACH online application system. This link will take you to the self-registration page. You may click on the blue box at the bottom of the page to take the self-registration tutorial. Click “continue” when you are ready to register. You will be asked to provide some basic personal information and establish a username and password.

Step 4: Once you complete your registration, you will be taken to the TEACH log-in site and asked to enter your username and password. You will then have to provide your Social Security number and create a more detailed profile.

Step 5: After you have fully logged-in to your account, you will be taken to the "TEACH home." Select "Submit Application for Fingerprint Clearance" from the list of options and follow the instructions provided for completing your application. This will need to be completed before your licensure application can be processed.

Step 6: Go back to the "TEACH home" and select "Apply for Certificate." You will be asked to verify and update your profile with employment and educational background information.

Step 7: You will then need to select the certificate for which you are applying. For "Area of Interest" enter "Classroom Teacher" or "Administration and Pupil Personnel Services," depending on what WGU program you completed. For your "Subject Area," select "Childhood Education" if you are applying to teach elementary school. If you are applying for a certificate to teach middle or high school, then just select the specific subject area (e.g. math, social science, or specific science area). For "Grade Level" select "Childhood-1-6" for elementary education, "Middle childhood 5-9" if you were in the middle school program at WGU, or "Adolescent 7-12" if you were in the secondary level program at WGU. Administrative licensure candidates will select, "School Administration and Supervision." You will be applying for an "initial certificate."

Step 8: Once you enter all this information, click "add." This will take you to a screen that asks you for “Educational Preparation information for this application only.”  Check the box for option B: “No, I have not completed, nor am I enrolled in, an Approved Teacher Preparation Program at a New York State College or University for this certificate and this type.”  


You will then be asked if you are eligible for the Interstate Reciprocity pathway.  Select the second option: “Yes, I completed an Approved Teacher Education program in a state or jurisdiction other than New York that would lead to certification in that state.”  Click "next".

Step 9: Select that you want the NY State Education Department to review your application, and click "next."

Step 10: Respond to the Certifiation Regarding Child Support and Moral Character Determination questions and click “sign affidavit”.

Step 11: Confirm/sign application after reviewing information in application, and then click “submit.”

Step 12: Make payment by entering credit card information online, or print coupon to mail in bank check/money order. (Mail to the address specified after you click “mail in check/ money order” and print the coupon.)

Step 13: Mail official transcripts, letter confirming the UT state-approval of your WGU program, and other required documentation/forms (no application) as specified to NYSED:


Office of Teaching Initiatives
New York State Education Department
89 Washington Ave, 5N EB
Albany, New York 12234


Applicants for administrator certification should also provide official verification from an employing school district or districts of three years of full-time teaching or pupil personnel services experience.

Step 14: Make note of what you have applied for via TEACH; (e.g. "Initial Childhood Ed. 1-6, applied on TEACH 5/12/13.") You should log back in periodically to check the status of your application and make sure that all data in the TEACH system is correct and complete.

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) will make the authoritative and final determination about your eligibility for any type of certification. The NYSED may, at its discretion, require graduates of any program to complete additional coursework to become eligible for certification.







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