Nevada Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL)

Nevada Alternative Route to Licensure Option for Post-Baccalaureate and MA Teaching Programs

Note: While we do our best to give you accurate and up to date information about your state requirements, we are not infallible. State requirements change frequently. It is your responsibility, and in your best interest, to double check certification and licensure requirements with your state’s Department of Education.

Effective November 2015, WGU Nevada was approved as a provider of Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL) programs. Upon meeting eligibility requirements, teacher candidates (TC) enrolled in the programs below may apply to the Nevada Department of Education for a three-year conditional ARL teaching license. During that time, they can accept an offer of employment from a P-12 school district as a teacher and work while completing their program requirements, including demonstration teaching (DT). 


In August 2018, Nevada passed a regulation which requires participants of ARL programs to teach “a minimum of two full academic years” and receive “no less than one effective or highly effective evaluation per academic year from the employer of record” prior to upgrading from the alternative license to the standard license. This means that ARL participants must finish two full years of teaching and have two "effective" or better employer evaluations before they are able to upgrade to the standard teaching license.

Eligible Programs


  • Post-Baccalaureate - Elementary
  • Master of Arts in Teaching - Elementary
  • Master of Arts in Teaching - English
  • Master of Arts in Teaching - Mathematics (5-12 Program Only)
  • Master of Arts in Teaching - Science* (5-12 Only; Biological Science Content Area Only)

*Candidates enrolled in the Master of Arts in Teaching in Science (5-12) programs may only pursue the ARL option for Biological Science, including a passed content evaluation for Biology and passed Praxis demonstration teaching requirement for Biology.

Eligibility Requirements

The conditional license for the ARL pathway is available when all requirements listed below are met. Those pursing the ARL conditional license option are encouraged to complete all requirements 3 months prior to your anticipated teaching start date, to allow sufficient time to receive your conditional license from the Nevada Office of Educator Quality (OEQ) and be hired by your district. Requirements include:


  • In Term 1, complete your Preclinical Experiences (PCE) Application. You will need to complete the PCE three pedagogy courses identified in your Degree Plan. We do not list the courses in this article because they vary based on the program. Contact Tami Tucker at for guidance on which pedagogy courses you must complete. 
  • Successfully pass a Nevada Background Check. The expiration date must be valid through the end of your planned demonstration teaching cohort. Note: You will complete an additional background check as part of the conditional license application.
  • Successfully pass the Nevada Basic Skills Exam.
  • Secondary students only, successfully pass the appropriate content exam required for entrance to demonstration teaching, as listed in the individual NV article for your program. The pedagogy exam is not required to receive the conditional license but is required to receive the standard license after graduation.
  • Complete the Nevada Parental Involvement and Family Engagement Seminar
  • Receive a job offer letter for your teaching position. Note that you must apply for jobs by following the School District's hiring process. This could include applying to the school directly or through the School District's Human Resources Department. Contact your district for information on how to apply for a teaching position.


The general intent is that these minimum requirements are completed within the first six months of enrollment in order to fill the critical need of empty positions in Nevada schools. You will continue to work as a teacher under the Conditional License until you have completed all remaining program requirements, including demonstration teaching. Upon graduation, you will then be eligible for the standard Nevada Teaching License.


Finding Employment


WGU does not assist in finding a job and does not guarantee job placement. Students must apply for jobs following the School District's hiring process. This could include applying to the school directly or through the School District's Human Resources Department. Contact the District for information on how to apply for a teaching position. 


After applying for a position, you must notify Licensure by e-mailing the name of the school, district and position for which you applied to Licensure will then contact the District to verify that you are enrolled in WGU's program and are eligible for a conditional license.  


Conditional License Application Instructions 

Step 1: Work closely with your placement coordinator to notify them of your plans to complete demonstration teaching as a classroom teacher with an Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL) conditional license. Work closely with the district that will hire you to keep them updated on the status of your ARL license. You should apply for your ARL license at least 3 months prior to your anticipated teaching start date to ensure it will be issued on time.

Step 2: Request official transcripts from every college you have attended. See WGU Transcript Request.

Step 3: If the Nevada Department of Education is not listed as a recipient on your Praxis score report, you will need to contact ETS and request that they mail an official score report directly to NV DOE. You may do this by calling 1-800-772-9476 or by submitting the Additional Score Report Request Form to ETS via fax or mail.  

Step 4: When you are hired by your district as an Alternative Route to Licensure teacher, obtain an offer letter from your district to include with your ARL License application.

Step 5: When you have completed all eligibility requirements, write to Licensure at to request a verification letter. The certification officer will return the letter to you to include in your application packet.

Step 6: Use the OPAL system to apply for your conditional certification.


Step 7: You must complete an additional background check process for the Department of Education as part of their licensure process. Complete the Licensure Background Check Process, noting that a live scan is significantly faster than the fingerprint card method. You will be provided with the necessary paperwork to complete a live scan after you submit your application. If you submit your ARL license application in person, you will receive your live scan paperwork immediately.

Step 9: During peak seasons (especially in the summer), your application may take up to twelve weeks to process. When you receive your conditional license, provide a copy to your district and to








 Article Number: 61497