OH Background Clearance Information

Note: All Ohio background checks submitted to the WGU certification office must be less than two years old to meet WGU requirements. Previously submitted background checks that will be over two years old by the end date of your Demonstration Teaching will need to be renewed by the background clearance deadline set for your cohort.



Prior to Preclinical Experience (PCE) and Demonstration Teaching (DT), you must complete both an Ohio BCI and a FBI background check. Both of these clearances must be completed before you can be cleared for field experiences of any kind.


Please choose ONE option to complete your background clearance:


  1. Field Print services: You can find a location near you here. Follow the direction on the site and include:
  • You will need to request BOTH the BCI and FBI.
  • To indicate you need the clearance for personal review be sure to select “DIRECT COPY” to have it sent to you electronically.
  1.  Fast Fingerprinting services and locations: Follow the directions on the site and include:
  • You will need to request BOTH the BCI and the FBI.
  • You MUST request your clearance for “Personal Review” and have the results sent to you. Do not have the results sent to WGU.
  1.   WebCheck service:  You can review the WebCheck Community Listing to locate a vendor in your area. 


  • To complete the WebCheck fingerprinting: Check “Yes” on the forms to send the results to the Ohio Department of Education.
  • Request your BCI and FBI clearances for PERSONAL REVIEW.
  • You must receive a copy of your BCI and FBI Clearances. NOTE: You may not be able to complete your FBI for personal review and will not receive a copy. If this is the case, you will need to complete an additional FBI clearance.
  • Upon completion of your background clearance through WebCheck note your BCI transaction number for your records.
  • WGU Must be able to review your FBI Clearance for Preclinical Experiences and Demonstration Teaching. To do so you must complete an additional FBI Clearance through the FBI:
    1. Order a background check from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) by following these instructions
    2. Have the background check results sent to you. upload your background check results in your student Field Experience portal under PCE Background Clearance and/or DT Background Clearance.

If the WebCheck provider you select requires a physical address to which they may send your background check results, please submit them to: 


Western Governors University
Attn. Field Placement Background Check Specialist
4001 S. 700 E., Suite #700
Salt Lake City, UT 84107


NOTE: Postal mail to WGU will take several weeks longer to receive and process.  It may require multiple attempts to send for us to receive.  Please be aware of this at the time of ordering your clearance.



Once you receive your background check results, upload your background check results in your student Field Experience portal under PCE Background Clearance and/or DT Background Clearance.


WGU students who are currently employed in a school district and completed a recent background check may have the option of submitting their school district clearance to WGU. Please see the School District Background Clearance Article in this handbook for more information.



Note that you will be required to do an additional background check as part of your application for Ohio teacher certification if your Ohio background clearance is more that one year old. 

In certain circumstances, even though you have been cleared for demonstration teaching by WGU, the school district in which you are placed for field experiences may have an additional background check requirement that is not required by WGU. Or, the school district may make a different determination regarding a background clearance. You may be required to provide additional documentation to the school district. If so, you are also required to abide by the school district’s decision of approval or denial of the submitted background clearance information.    


Background questions please contact WGU Background Specialists at tcbackgroundcheck@wgu.edu  or call 866-889-0132 option 3.



Article Number: 20015, 1391