OH Teacher and Administrator Certification Application Information and Instructions - Direct Pathway

Note: To be eligible for recommendation by a Certification Officer, students completing a bachelor’s degree, post baccalaureate certification, or a Master of Science in Special Education degree must graduate and have their degree posted to their WGU transcript.  Students who are pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching degree must have marks of Passed on their Degree Plan for all teacher preparation assessments to include any program required Praxis exams as well as all state required exams.

Ohio accepts direct applications for licensure from students who have completed an out-of-state, approved teacher or administrator preparation program like those offered at WGU. Follow the steps below to prepare your application for Ohio licensure.

Step 1:  View the comprehensive licensure information for teacher candidates educated at out-of-state institutions.


Step 2: Sign into your SAFE account, OR if you do not have one, create a SAFE account. Once you receive confirmation that it is set up, sign into your account. Click on ODE.CORE. You MUST update your information under "My Profile" before starting or submitting an application. To update your information, click "My Profile" in the red ribbon at the top right of the screen on the CORE dashboard.


Step 3: To begin an application for a new credential, click "Apply for a NEW Credential" in the "My Credentials" section. 


Step 4: Select "I want to become an an Ohio..."


Step 5: Select "Teachers" or "Administrators."

Step 6: Request official transcripts from every college/university you attended. Once your graduation application has been processed by the WGU Records Office you will receive a notification with information on how to order two complimentary copies of your official WGU transcript from the National Student Clearinghouse. You will have the option of selecting electronic or mail delivery. If you would like to order additional transcripts, see the WGU Transcript FAQ article. Do not request a transcript until you have received notice of graduation, so that your graduation date will appear on your transcript. The Ohio Department of Education allows submission of transcripts electronically within your SAFE application. You may upload your transcripts in PDF format to your SAFE application.


For students who took Praxis exams - If the Ohio Office of Educator Licensure is not listed as a recipient on your Praxis score report, then you need to request that ETS send Ohio ODE an official copy of your Praxis test scores.  You can request this from ETS by calling 1-800-772-9476 or by submitting the Additional Score Report Request Form via fax or mail. Ohio's recipient number is R7945. You cannot send the score report you initially received; the Ohio Office of Educator Licensure must receive a report directly from ETS.
For students who took Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) - Your assessment results are reported directly to the Ohio Department of Education.

Step 7: If you have not already done an Ohio Civilian Background Check, then you need to do so.  In-state residents can do so via the electronic WebCheck process.  

Step 8: Write to licensure@wgu.edu and request that the WGU Certification Officer write you a Letter of Eligibility on university letterhead. Licensure will complete the letter and e-mail it to you as a PDF attachment for upload with your SAFE your application. You may upload your Letter of Eligibility you receive from WGU through your SAFE account during the online application process.


If you have not already reported your pedagogy exam scores to WGU, you will need to e-mail or fax a copy of those scores to the WGU Licensure Office so that your recommendation can be completed.


Note: If you are being asked for an E-Signer to approve your licensure application, then you did not correctly apply as an out-of-state program completer. Go back through the application and be sure to indicate you completed an out-of-state program whenever prompted within the application.

If you have not already reported your pedagogy exam scores to WGU, you will need to e-mail or fax a copy of those scores to the WGU Licensure Office so that your recommendation can be completed.


Step 9: If you have been employed  full-time in an Ohio school district within the last seven years, then you need to request a Verification of Experience letter, on district letterhead, from all school districts at which you have been employed during that time period, stating your dates of employment and subjects taught.  The letter must be signed by the head of personnel or the superintendent.   Please note that applicants for a two-year provisional principal's license must verify that they have completed two years of successful teaching under a provisional or professional teacher license at the age levels for which they are seeking licensure as a school principal. 

Step 10: Submit your SAFE application including payment fee.





Article Number: 20026, 1475