OR Background Clearance Information

 Oregon Background Clearance Information


Background checks submitted for clearance in Oregon must be fewer than three years old on the end date of your field placement to meet WGU requirements. All background checks that will expire before the end date of your field placement will need to be renewed by the background clearance deadline set for your cohort.


Students in initial licensure programs in Oregon must obtain background checks from the Oregon TSPC and the Utah State Board of Education.


Students in endorsement programs (except Educational Leadership) can apply directly to the State of Oregon to add new certification areas and therefore do not need to obtain a Utah background check.



Oregon TSPC Background Clearance Information:

Before students in initial programs can be cleared for PCE they must obtain an Oregon TSPC Background Check.  Carefully read the instructions found at http://www.oregon.gov/tspc/Pages/Fingerprinting.aspx.

Go to https://apps.oregon.gov/TSPC/eLicense and create an account.  After filling out your User Profile,  submit a new application for a "Clinical Practices" license.

TSPC records the results of the applicant's background checks as part of the application process. The TSPC will send you an email to notify the applicant (you) of those results.  It is the applicant's responsibility to monitor their record for the results by searching the TSPC Educator License Inquiry website.  Results are typically available after two weeks.  

Utah State Board of Education Background Clearance Information:

Students seeking initial teacher licensure in Oregon must be licensed first in Utah, and thus also need to complete a background check through the Utah State Board of Education.


Before applying for Demonstration Teaching, order your Utah State Board of Education (USBE) background check.  Request a fingerprint packet to be sent to your home address.


You must return the fingerprint packet to the Utah State Board of Education within 30 days of receipt, or else your payment will be forfeited.



Upload your background check email results in your student Field Experience portal under PCE Background Clearance and/or DT Background Clearance.


Once both your Oregon State Police and your FBI background check show as cleared in the TSPC Educator License Inquiry, please notify us by upload a screen shot and/or your background check email results in your student Field Experience portal under PCE Background Clearance and/or DT Background Clearance. If you have questions or need assistance, call the Oregon TSPC at the number listed here.


Background questions please contact WGU Background Specialists at tcbackgroundcheck@wgu.edu  or call 866-889-0132 option 3.


For more information on WGU's background check policy see the General Background Clearance Information







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