OR Educational Leadership Certification Requirements


Oregon Educational Leadership Certification Requirements

Initial Out-of-State License Required: A graduate of a WGU Educational Leadership program who wants to obtain an Oregon Principal license must first apply for and receive a Residency Administrator license in Washington. WGU's Educational Leadership program is state approved in Washington.


Educational Leadership Certification Available: Reciprocal Administrator License

Graduates of a WGU educational leadership program will be eligible for a Reciprocal Administrator license in Oregon, which will allow them to be a building K-12 administrator.

1. DEGREE: A master’s or higher degree in the arts and sciences or an advanced degree in the professions from a regionally accredited institution in the United States, or the foreign equivalent of such degree approved by the commission, together with an equally accredited bachelor’s degree.

2. PROGRAM: Completion, as part of the master's degree or separately, an initial graduate program in school administration at an institution approved for administrator education.

3. COURSEWORK: Candidates for the Oregon Principal license who have completed an administrator preparation program outside of the state of Oregon must:

(i) Have completed at least eighteen (18) semester hours or twenty-seven (27) quarter hours of graduate credit in school administration or educational leadership and

(ii) Have passed a course in Oregon School Law and Finance from an Oregon approved institution. For a list of Oregon institutions with approved administrator preparation coursework, see http://www.tspc.state.or.us/programs.asp. Please note that the Oregon School Law and Finance coursework is not covered by WGU's Educational Leadership programs.


4. EXPERIENCE: Three academic years of experience as a full-time licensed educator, on any license appropriate for the assignment, in a public school or regionally accredited private school.

5. WGU PROGRAM REQUIREMENT: Beginning 9/1/2018, the WGU program requirement is the Praxis 5412: Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision for students in Oregon. If passed prior to 8/31/2018, the Praxis 5411: Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision satisfies the WGU Program Requirement.

6. PRACTICUM REQUIREMENT: WGU requires Educational Leadership candidates to complete a practicum in accordance with the hour requirements listed here.

If you begin your practicum on or after August 1, 2016, the completion of a practicum must take place over the course of a full school year. See the Washington Rules for more information. Your Educational Leadership standard pathway will be changed to account for this full school year requirement. This may result in an additional academic term of study.

A full school year shall mean at least the academic year. While principal candidates may begin their practicum in any month, they must complete practicum activities (verified on the clinical hour log) during every month that the school is open for a total of at least one academic year. The practicum does not conclude early if the hour requirements are logged prior to the accumulation of one academic year and candidates may not accelerate through the practicum. School year means the annual period commencing on the first day of September of one calendar year and ending the last day of August of the ensuing calendar year.

7. OUT-OF STATE LICENSE: Possession of a comparable administrator certificate from another state. WGU graduates should obtain their comparable administrator certificate from Washington. In order to be eligible for a Washington Residency Administrator certificate, you must have a cleared, valid Washington fingerprint background check. Information on completing a Washington fingerprint background check is available here.



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