PR Certification Requirements and Available Licenses

Puerto Rico Certification Requirements and Available Licenses


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Puerto Rico has the following requirements for all applicants for initial teacher certification:

1. INITIAL UTAH LICENSE REQUIRED: All WGU students must first license in Utah and then apply for a license in Puerto Rico through reciprocity. See Utah Certification Requirements.

2. DEGREE REQUIREMENTS: Possession of a Bachelor's degree

3. PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS: Completion of an accredited teacher education program.

4. BASIC SKILLS AND CONTENT EXAMS: Successful passing scores on the Basic Skills Exam, Praxis Exams Required for Utah Certification and the Programa de Pruebas para la Certificacion de Maestros (PCMAS).

5. BACKGROUND CLEARANCE: Clearing a Puerto Rico Police Department background check within six (6) months of applying for your license, and a background check from any place you have resided during the past five years.

6. CERTIFICATE OF GOOD HEALTH: Obtaining a certificate of good health within six (6) months of applying for your license.

7. GPA REQUIREMENT: A minimum of a 2.5 GPA.  All WGU graduates have the equivalent of a 3.0 in their WGU program. However, since the requirement is that the 3.0 GPA be earned in a BA or MA program, those enrolled in a Post-baccalaureate teacher certification program at WGU must have at least a 3.0 GPA in their undergraduate program in order to be eligible for PR certification. If they do not, then they will need to complete a Master of Arts in Teaching program at WGU, rather than a Post-bacc program, in order to fulfill the PR GPA requirement.

8. EXCEPTIONAL CHILD COURSE: A course on the education of the exceptional child. This content is included in your WGU program.

9. U.S. HISTORY COURSE: This content is included in your WGU program.

WGU only provides the required coursework in U.S. History as part of the liberal arts core of our Bachelor's degree programs. Students in Post-baccalaureate* or MAT* programs will need to ensure that they take this required course prior to applying for certification in PA if they have not already done so as part of their undergraduate program.

10. INTEGRATION OF TECHNOLOGY COURSE: A course on the integration of technology in teaching.  This content is included in your WGU program.

11. HISTORY OF PUERTO RICO COURSE: This course is not available at WGU but can be taken at other local or online schools where available.

For additional information on these requirements, please see the Puerto Rico Teacher Certification website as well as the Teacher Certification Regulations.



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