Registering for Praxis Exams

How to Register for Praxis Exams:


You may follow the written directions below or watch the video tutorial on registering for Praxis exams.

  1. Go to the ETS website and create an online user account.
  2. Click "Register for a Test" to start the registration process.
  3. On Step 1. Find Your Test, click the "EPP Test Requirements" button. This will display all available Praxis exams.
  4. Locate and select the exam you desire to take.
    • Note: You can use the Ctrl-F feature to search for an exam number.
  5. Select your test date and location.
  6. Select WGU (Recipient Code #4944) as an Official Score Recipient.  
    • Note: If you will license in your state through reciprocity, by first obtaining a Utah teaching license, you should add the Utah State Office of Education (Recipient Code #R8375) as a score recipient.
    • Additional Note: If you are registering for the Praxis CORE 5751, you do not need to send a Praxis CORE score report to Utah. 
  7. Complete the rest of the registration process (i.e. pay the registration fee and obtain proof of registration and payment for your records).


Note: WGU strongly recommends obtaining a copy of all exam score reports for your personal records. 


Additional Information about Praxis Exams 


  • Praxis Series Renamed: In July of 2015, Educational Testing Service (ETS), creators of the Praxis exams series, changed the name from Praxis II to, simply, Praxis. The change is in name only, it does not have any impact on the content, structure, or registration process of a specific Praxis exam you need to take. For example, an exam that was formerly titled Praxis II 5081 Social Studies: Content Knowledge is now titled Praxis Subject Assessment 5081 Social Studies: Content Knowledge.
    • Note: You may notice that some exams in the WGU Student Handbook are still labeled as Praxis II. You can simply ignore the II and register for the exam according to its Praxis number.
  • Paper Delivery Discontinued: In years past, ETS distinguished between paper and computer exams by placing a 0 in front of paper exams and a 5 in front of computer exams. This had no bearing on the content of the exam, only the delivery method. ETS no longer offers paper exams (with the obvious exception of their Braille Proficiency exam).
    • Note: You may notice that some exams in the WGU Student Handbook still begin with a 0. You can simply substitute a 5 for the 0 and register for the exam accordingly.
  • Praxis I Discontinued: ETS discontinued the Praxis I PPST at the beginning of the 2014-2015 ETS academic year.  
  • Additional Information: For more information on the Praxis® series of exams, please visit the ETS website.








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