School District Background Clearance

School District Background Clearance

Please read all of the information in this article before using this form.

To use this form:


  • You must have been cleared for employment in your school district by a fingerprint based background check that will be fewer than five years old on the last day of your field placement.
  • Your employment within the district must have been continuous since your background check was completed.
  • An authorized school district representative must complete this form on school district letterhead. Forms not submitted on letterhead will not be accepted.
  • The form must include a hand-signature by the authorized school district representative who completes it.


Upload the completed form in your student Field Experience portal under PCE Background Clearance and/or DT Background Clearance. Background questions please contact WGU Background Specialists at or call 866-889-0132 option 5.


Note: Students in programs that license through the reciprocity process (except Educational Leadership), and who wish to use a school district background check, must also obtain a Utah State Office of Education background clearance.


Students in the following states cannot use a school district clearance form to meet the background check requirement:


Keep in mind that depending upon when the school district background check was completed and in what state you reside, WGU may decide that an additional background check is necessary before clearing you to participate in field experiences (preclinical experiences, demonstration teaching, and/or practicum). Your background check must be within five years of the date you will complete demonstration teaching. If your expiration date will be before your scheduled completion date, then you must submit a new background clearance before you can begin demonstration teaching.

Also, please remember that even if WGU accepts the School District Clearance form as verification of clearance, your state may require you to complete a new background check when you apply for your teacher or administrator certificate. Check your state certification application information article in this handbook to determine whether you will need to plan to complete an additional clearance for certification.

Download the School District Background Clearance Form Here




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