State Certification Exam Requirements, General Policies

State Certification Exam Requirements, General Policies


All required exam scores (including pedagogy exams, if applicable) must be posted on your degree plan before you request a recommendation for licensure. WGU's Licensure Department cannot recommend you without verifying that all required exams have been passed.



(Programs with Demonstration Teaching):


You are required to pass the basic skills exam within the first 6 months of entering the Foundations of Teaching (FOT)  domain at WGU. You must pass either the Praxis Core or Praxis I PPST exam, unless your state requires another basic skills test. To find out which basic skills exam you must take, type the name of your state along with the term "basic skills" into the search box of this handbook (e.g. Alabama basic skills) to bring up the applicable article. Or, you may click on the Teacher Licensure Home page, select your state's table of contents, and click on the Basic Skills Requirements article.



To find the content and WGU Program Requirement exams for your state and program, go to the Teacher Licensure Home page, select your state's table of contents, and click on the Program and Certification Exam Requirements article that correlates with your program.


In order for you to meet requirements for participation in your desired demonstration teaching (DT) cohort, you must attempt all of the following categories of exams prior to DT:


  • A. All content exams required by the state in which you will apply for certification;
  • B. All content exams required by WGU’s home-state of Utah if your state requires reciprocity for licensure ; and
  • C. All content exams required by WGU to satisfy the WGU Program Requirement 


All content exam categories listed above that apply to you must be passed in order to graduate from your program. In addition, no student can receive a university recommendation for licensure until all state content and pedagogy (see below) exams are passed. It is highly recommended that you pass all applicable content exams prior to DT to avoid potential delays with graduation or licensure. No initial program student will be cleared for graduation without a passing score on all required WGU Program Requirement Exams and state content exam(s). 



Deadlines: See the Pacing Guides: Preparing for Demonstration Teaching article in this handbook to review when content exams are due for each cohort of Demonstration Teaching.  


Submitting Proof of Registration: You are required to submit evidence of registration for the appropriate content exam(s) upon application to Demonstration Teaching. 



To find the pedagogy exams for your state, go to the Teacher Licensure Home page, select your state's table of contents, and click on the Program and Certification Exam Requirements article that correlates with your program. Not all states require a pedagogy exam for licensure.


If the state in which you plan to apply for certification requires a pedagogy exam, this exam does not need to be completed before Demonstration Teaching or graduation, but it must be passed and the score report submitted to WGU before WGU can recommend you for certification. 


Pedagogy exams are identified in each individual program article for your state in this student handbook. If you have questions as to whether an exam is considered a "pedagogy exam," consult with your program mentor or


Test fees and registration for exams are the student's responsibility.





Passing score reports for all content exams required by WGU to satisfy the WGU Program Requirement must be posted to student degree plans before graduation.


Passing score reports are required to be posted to student's degree plans before WGU can recommend them for certification.

EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP STUDENTS: Students enrolled in an Educational Leadership program (ENDEDL, MSEDL), must pass both the WGU Program Requirement AND any state required content exams to graduate from WGU.


Submitting Exam Scores to WGU: To ensure that WGU receives ALL of your exam scores and can verify your eligibility for Demonstration Teaching, graduation, and licensure, see the Submitting Exam Scores to WGU article in the student handbook.

Moving to a New State: Students who move to a new state must pass all basic skills and content exams required by their new state for certification prior to graduation and receiving a recommendation for licensure, even if they have already passed exams required by their original state. Students who move to California must pass all required CSET exams prior to demonstration teaching.


Note: Students in the BA Special Education or MAT English program do not need to pass the CSET exams.

Students must also pass all exams according to the cut-score required by the new state. Therefore, if a student achieved the cut-score by their original state but not in their new state, then the exam must be re-taken to achieve the cut-score of the new state.


If a student has already passed a basic skills exam for their previous state while residing in that state, and the new state does not require a basic skills exam for certification, then the student does not need to pass another basic skills exam to satisfy WGU's basic skills requirement. 


For questions on this policy, please contact the Licensure department (


Additional Learning Resources For Praxis CORE :
The WGU Library offers PrepSTEP, a service that includes Praxis test preparation resources. You can access this resource by going to the WGU Library, clicking the Quick Links button, then Teachers College Quick Links. It can also be accessed via this link. You may be required to enter your student ID.
If you would like additional help in preparing for the Praxis CORE, WGU has partnered with McGraw-Hill to provide a practice test resource. Click on the following for access:

Note: If clicking on this link does not work, copy and paste into a new web browser. If you have further issues, contact our IT department at (877) 435-7948, ext. 3103.




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