Submitting Exam Scores to the Utah State Board of Education

Submitting Exam Scores to the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) for Teacher Licensing

In order to become licensed in Utah, you must first complete a background check through the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) then submit passing score reports for the content exam(s) required for Utah certification. 
When you order a background check through the USBE, you receive a CACTUS ID. This is the number used by the USBE to identify educators in their database.


Please note that in order for your scores to be recorded by the USBE you must have ordered your USBE background check, and have received a CACTUS ID number.  If you have not yet received a CACTUS ID when your Praxis scores are sent to the USBE they will not be recorded.


There are two ways to submit your content exam scores to the USBE:


1)  ETS automatically selects the state teacher licensing authority in the state where you take the exam as an official score recipient.  If you have not yet registered for your Praxis content exam(s) and you are taking them at a testing center outside of Utah, you can elect to have your scores submitted to the USBE for free by selecting the USBE as an Official Score Recipient using the recipient code: 8375


2)  If you have already taken and passed your Praxis content exam(s), and your scores have not been recorded by the USBE, you must first verify that you have been issued a CACTUS ID number then submit official score reports to the USBE.  Please note that WGU does not submit exam scores to the USBE on behalf of students and graduates.  


You may order score reports to be sent to the USBE by following the instructions on the Sending Your Praxis Scores website.  You can find your CACTUS ID on the Personal Information tab of your CACTUS homepage.  Monitor the Tests tab of your CACTUS homepage to verify that your scores have been posted.


Note: The USBE does not need your basic skills exam scores. It is not necessary to send a score report that contains only your Praxis CORE (5751, 5712, 5722, 5732) scores.


You must also submit your exam scores to WGU - either by listing WGU as a recipient when registering (Code: A4944) or by following the instructions located in this handbook









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