TN Adding an Endorsement Area to a Teaching License

The information in this article applies to students enrolled in specific WGU endorsement programs. General information for adding endorsements in subject areas that are not offered at WGU can be found by viewing the page on Endorsement Flexibility and Additional Endorsements.



WGU Program

How to Add an Additional Endorsement

MA Mathematics Education (MAME)



MA Science Education (MASE)

A) Adding an Endorsement at the Same Grade Level (Secondary > Secondary)

If you hold a current, valid Tennessee Teacher license with one or more secondary academic endorsement area(s) you can add another secondary endorsement by passing the required Praxis specialty area test(s). Applicants seeking additional endorsement(s) by test only must pass all applicable portions of the Praxis Series Exams developed and administered by Educational Testing Service and submit an application to add the endorsement.


Note: Applicants seeking to add a secondary endorsement by passing required Praxis specialty area tests do not need to obtain the recommendation from a college/university.

B) Adding an Endorsement at a New Grade Level (Elementary > Secondary)

If you are adding an endorsement at a new grade level, you must complete an endorsement preparation program in addition to passing the appropriate Praxis exams.

MS Special Education (MSSP)


English Language Learning (ENDELL, MAELL)

To add Special Education or English as a Second Language to your license, you must complete an endorsement preparation program in addition to passing the appropriate Praxis exams.




Step 1: If you haven't already done so, register for your TNCompass account.  Refer to this guide for instructions.


Step 2: If the Tennessee Department of Education was not selected as a an official score recipient when you registered for your Praxis exams, you will need to contact ETS and request that they mail an official score report directly to the TN Department of Education.  You may do this by calling 1-800-772-9476 or by submitting the Additional Score Report Request Form to ETS via fax or mail.


Note: Applicants must have passed the required exams within five years prior to the date they apply for licensure.


Step 3: Request official transcripts in sealed envelopes from every college you have attended. Two copies of your final WGU transcript will be sent to you along with your diploma upon graduation. If you would like to order additional transcripts, see WGU Transcript Request. Be sure to leave your transcripts in their sealed envelopes.


Step 4: If you have one or more years of acceptable teaching experience, then you need to have an authorized school official from the employing school fill out the Experience Verification Form and return it to you for inclusion in your application packet. 

Step 5: Mail your transcripts (and Experience Verification Form, if applicable) to the following address:


The Tennessee Department of Education
Office of Educator Licensing
710 James Robertson Parkway
12th Floor Andrew Johnson Tower
Nashville, TN 37243-0377

Step 6:  Send an email to with the Application For Additional Endorsement Completed Outside Of Tennessee document attached. You must include your name as it appears on your Tennessee teaching license, and your Tennessee Teaching License Number. 

Step 8: A WGU Licensure Analyst will complete your Tennessee endorsement application form and email it to you.


Step 9: Upload your completed application form to the "Out of State Attachments" section of your TNCompass application. 



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