TX T-CERT Testing Preparation Option

Texas T-CERT Testing Preparation Option

As of 12/1/2014, the T-CERT is no longer a requirement in Texas; however, it is still an option for students seeking TExES exam preparation. The T-CERT is a certification exam review that will assist teacher candidates in preparing for the TExES exams. This option is only available to WGU Post-Baccalaureate and Masters students.

If you wish to take a T-CERT, complete the following steps:

1. Send an e-mail to licensure@wgu.edu to request university approval to register for your TExES exam(s).
2. Go to tx.nesinc.com to register for your exam. 
3. To Enroll in T-CERT, you will need your Texas Education Agency identification number and your exam registration confirmation number. 
4. Enroll in T-CERT by going to https://pact.tarleton.edu/TCERT/.  Click on the registration link under the log-in box in the upper right corner and complete the process.
5. After you have completed the T-CERT modules, you will receive a certificate of completion. 


Article Number: 20202, 2850