Teacher Licensure Pathways by State

Teacher Licensure Pathways by State

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There are three pathways our students use to obtain a teaching license: 

  1. Direct: Direct licensure is where states allow our students to license because they have completed a program that is state approved in Utah. When applicants apply for licensure in these states, they apply as out-of-state applicants. Applicants are not required to obtain a Utah license in order to apply for licensure.
  2. Approved: If one of our programs is approved in a state, a student may apply directly for a license in that state based on state program-approval. Not all programs are approved in all states.
  3. Reciprocity: Licensing through reciprocity means that students must first acquire a Utah teaching license before applying for licensure in their state. Not all states require reciprocity for all programs. Visit Certification By Way of Reciprocity (opens new window) for more information on licensure by reciprocity. 


Click here to go to the Pathway Map Online Document (opens new window)This map displays licensure pathways by state. Clicking on a state will take you to the Programs Lead to this License by State document in WGU's Google Drive. 


This map is for reference only. This map does not replace the Student Handbook. Please contact licensure@wgu.edu with any pathway related questions. 


As pathways change, this map is subject to change at any time. Whenever the pathway map is updated, you may find it in this handbook article. You will not be notified if changes are made to the pathway map. Save this handbook article for your reference rather than saving the link to the pathway map.