Teacher of Record Policy

Western Governors University: Teacher of Record Policy


For teacher candidates considering a position as a Teacher of Record – a paid, contracted educator or assigned lead responsible for a student’s learning – during demonstration teaching, please understand there are several criteria you must meet to serve in this role:


  1. All candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree to serve as a Teacher of Record.
  2. Verification from an Enrollment Counselor that you are eligible to be a Teacher of Record in your state of licensure. Several states do not allow teacher candidates to serve as a Teacher of Record while enrolled in a traditional teacher preparation program like yours. If you plan to complete field experiences or license in one of these states, acting as a Teacher of Record is not an option.
  3. If your state allows you to be a TOR, work with your Enrollment Counselor to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for your specific program and state that highlights the requirements of your state of licensure and WGU’s expectations during your time in demonstration teaching.
  4. Disclose to WGU’s Field Placement Office any current or prospective employment opportunities as a Teacher of Record to determine if the Teacher of Record position will align with WGU’s demonstration teaching requirements and your long-term goals.
  5. You will be responsible for retaining employment as a Teacher of Record. If your position is terminated, eliminated, relegated, or canceled, then Field Placement will make every effort to provide you with a traditional demonstration teaching placement.


Teacher of Record Requirements for Demonstration Teaching


Unless otherwise specified by WGU’s Field Placement Office, you must meet Teacher of Record requirements established by the state in which you will be licensing. To facilitate this requirement and assist you in obtaining licensure in the most efficient and straightforward manner, unless otherwise specified by WGU’s Field Placement Office, WGU requires the following for any student who is a Teacher of Record during demonstration teaching:

  • You must be contracted to teach in an accredited public or private school in a traditional, on-ground setting.
  • You must spend the schools’ full-time contracted school day hours teaching full-time in the content area of your program.
  • The district, school, or accredited private school approve you as a contracted teacher.
  • must meet WGU program requirements and align with the content area of your program for which you will be recommended for licensure. Secondary education candidates must be employed in a high school setting. Elementary education candidates must be employed in a grades 1-6 multi-subject elementary setting. For Elementary education candidates, a Teacher of Record position at the kindergarten level is prohibited.
  • If you are contracted as a Teachers of Record in the Secondary Mathematics and Special Education programs are still required to complete a split placement for Demonstration Teaching. If your employing school district is unable to accommodate a split placement for you as a Teacher of Record, it may be possible for you to be a Teacher of Record in one placement and a traditional student teacher in the other placement.
  • You must meet all WGU, district, school, and state requirements as outlined in the Demonstrating Teaching Placement Guidelines and Restrictions.

As a Teacher of Record, you will serve as your own host teacher. You will be observed by a WGU Clinical Supervisor a minimum of six separate occasions by a WGU clinical supervisor. The district, school, or an accredited private school may arrange for another teacher to mentor you throughout this experience. WGU is not involved in arranging a mentor teacher at the school, but we highly encourage you to check with your principal regarding a possible on-site mentor, if required by your school or state.



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