UT Student Teaching Internship Requirements

UT Student Teaching Internship Requirements


WGU initial teacher candidates may complete demonstration teaching as an intern in their own classroom, provided they meet each of the following requirements:


  1. You disclose to WGU’s Field Placement Office of any current or prospective employment opportunities as an Intern. https://secure.utah.gov/elr/stl/welcome.html
  2. You obtain a student teaching/intern license based on a recommendation from your Superintendent.
  3. You are contracted to teach in an accredited public or private school in a traditional, on-ground setting.
  4. You meet the same contract teaching hours as licensed teachers in the same local education agency (LEA).
  5. Your internship includes six regularly scheduled observations of your teaching by a WGU clinical supervisor.
  6. You’ve worked with WGU Field Placement to obtain an LEA assigned mentor that has met the following criteria: has been jointly selected by a WGU Field Placement Coordinator and the LEA-designated authority over internship placement, has been deemed effective by an evaluation system meeting the standards of R277-531 or the LEA's equivalent, and provides direct support and supervision to the intern during the regular school day in addition to the standard LEA supports of new teachers.
  7. You begin your demonstration teaching as an intern in the fall of the academic year and complete the internship over the course of a full year.
  8. You maintain full-time employment as an educator for one school year with a minimum of 1260 clock hours, as verified by WGU’s Field Placement Office, at a single school site.
  9. You retain employment as an Intern during your demonstration teaching. If your position is terminated, eliminated, relegated, or canceled for any reason, the Field Placement Office will make every effort to provide you with a traditional demonstration teaching placement.
  10. Where possible, your placement is in the major content or licensure area in which you will be licensed. Work with the WGU Field Placement Office if no viable internship in your endorsement area could be found.
  11. If you are contracted as an Intern in the Secondary Mathematics and Special Education programs, you are required to complete a split placement for Demonstration Teaching. A split placement means that your demonstration teaching time will be split between two separate settings. The WGU Field Placement Office will provide more details regarding your specific placement requirements.
  12. You meet all WGU, district, school, and state requirements as outlined in the Demonstration Teaching Placement Guidelines and Restrictions.

Please reach out to the WGU Field Placement Office for additional questions or concerns regarding your specific placement requirements as an Intern.



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