UT Teacher Certification Requirements and Available Licenses

Utah Certification Requirements and Available Licenses


Early Childhood K-Grade 3

Elementary Education, K-6 and 1-8

Special Education K-12:  Mild/Moderate

Elementary Grades K-6:  Elementary Mathematics

Secondary 6-12:  Level 2 Mathematics (Middle Grades)

Secondary 6-12:  Level 4 Mathematics (Secondary) 

Secondary 6-12:  Social Studies Composite

Secondary 6-12:  Secondary Biology

Secondary 6-12:  Chemistry

Secondary 6-12:  Earth Science

Secondary 6-12:  Physics

Secondary 6-12:  English

English as a Second Language

Administrative/Supervisory (K-12)

Utah has the following requirements for all applicants for initial teacher certification who complete a Utah state-approved teacher preparation program like those offered by WGU:
1. DEGREE REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university

2. RECOMMENDATION REQUIREMENT: Recommendation for certification by the Utah college or university where the teacher candidate completed a state-approved teacher preparation program.

3. BACKGROUND CHECK: Completion of the required background check.

4. PRAXIS EXAMS: Submit your exam scores to WGU and the Utah State Office of Education.

Student Teacher License Required: Several months prior to Demonstration Teaching, you must apply to be a student teacher. See the Utah Student Teacher License instructions in this handbook for more information.  Meeting this requirement is necessary only for students completing Demonstration Teaching in Utah.



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