VA Adding an Endorsement to a Teaching License

Adding an Endorsement to a Virginia Teaching License



The information in this article applies to students enrolled in specific WGU endorsement programs. For additional information on adding areas that are not offered at WGU, see




WGU Program

How to Add an Additional Endorsement 

MA Mathematics Education (MAME)

MA Science Education (MASE)


English Language Learning (ENDELL, MAELL) 

Endorsements may be added by obtaining a passing score on a Praxis Specialty Area Test in an area for which Virginia requires a Praxis test. This option requires that the individual already hold a full endorsement on a valid license. Elementary, Special Education, and English as a Second Language may not be added by testing.

Alternatively, graduates of these programs may apply after completing their state-approved program at WGU. Refer to the application instructions below.


Note: The requirements to add an endorsement in Virginia for these programs are the same, whether you are adding an endorsement at a new grade level (Elementary to Secondary) or the same grade level (Secondary to Secondary). 

MS Special Education (MSSP)


Graduates from WGU’s Master of Science in Special Education program may apply for an additional endorsement after graduating from their program. Refer to the application instructions below.




All educators employed in VA schools will need to work with their employing private school or public school district to request an added endorsement. If you are not currently employed by a VA public or nonpublic school, then you may request an additional endorsement by following the application instructions in the Virginia Teacher Certification Application Information article in this handbook. The fee for the additional endorsement is $25.

If you have not completed a program in the endorsement area, an evaluation for the endorsement must be requested by the employing Virginia school division.


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