VA Background Clearance Information

Virginia Background Clearance Information


Background checks submitted for clearance in Virginia must be fewer than two years old on the end date of your field placement to meet WGU requirements. All background checks that will expire before the end date of your field placement will need to be renewed by the background clearance deadline set for your cohort.


FBI Clearance Information:

If you have lived in states other than Virginia after age 18, you will need to get a FBI national background check in addition to a Virginia Criminal History Report. 


1) Order a background check from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) by following these instructions

2) Have the background check results sent to you, and upload your background check results in your student Field Experience portal under PCE Background Clearance and/or DT Background Clearance. 

PCE and DT Clearance Information:

Prior to PCE or DT, apply for your Virginia criminal history and sex offender record from the Virginia State Police by completing the online application. Choose Form SP-167 Criminal History Record Name Search from the "Form" drop down menu, and choose Criminal History and Sex Offender Search in the "Request Type" field. 


Be sure to list yourself and your home address in the box entitled, “Name and Mailing Address of Agency, Individual or Authorized Agent Making Request.” If you do not list yourself in this box, your request will be returned as incomplete.


Once you have filled out the application, a request form will be mailed to your address. Please note that you must sign the "Affidavit For Release of Information" section as well as "the Signature of Person Making Request" section and get them notarized. The fee for the background check is $20.00. If you are paying with a credit card, please sign the method of payment section as well.



WGU students currently employed by a school district that cleared them for employment with a fingerprint based background check in the last 5 years may have the option of using their school district clearance in place of the Virginia State Police clearance. Please see the School District Background Clearance Article in this handbook for more information.


Upload your background check results in your student Field Experience portal under PCE Background Clearance and/or DT Background Clearance.


In certain circumstances, even though you have been cleared for demonstration teaching by WGU, the school district in which you are placed for field experiences may have an additional background check requirement that is not required by WGU. Or, the school district may make a different determination regarding a background clearance. You may be required to provide additional documentation to the school district. If so, you are also required to abide by the school district’s decision of approval or denial of the submitted background clearance information.  


For more information on WGU's background check policy see the General Background Clearance Information

 article. Background questions please contact WGU Background Specialists at  or call 866-889-0132 option 3.




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