WA Adding an Endorsement to a Washington Teaching License

Adding an Endorsement to a Washington Teaching License - Approved


Certified Washington educators can add endorsements to their certificates by passing the appropriate West-E or NES exam and completing a state-approved teacher preparation program. In many cases, endorsements can be added by passing the corresponding WEST-E or NES content area exam(s). For additional information on adding an endorsement to an existing Washington teacher certificate, please consult Washington's Endorsement Pathways - Approved

INSTRUCTIONS for Adding an Endorsement Based on Completing an Approved Program:

You will be recommended for an additional endorsement to your existing Washington license by the Certification Officer at Western Governors University.

Note: Do not proceed to fill out an application for endorsement on your own. If you do, you will be required to complete additional steps and it will delay the issuance of your license.


Step 1: Verify that you have completed the appropriate WEST-E or NES content exam for the endorsement you wish to add. If WGU does not have your WEST-E or NES score report on file already, please send a copy to scores@wgu.edu.

Step 2: Contact the WGU Certification Officer at licensure@wgu.edu to request your recommendation for endorsement. 

Step 3: After the Certification Officer has verified your eligibility, they will recommend you for your endorsement through the EDS portal. You will then receive an e-mail reply with instructions to log on to EDS to complete the process:

A. Log on to EDS.
B. Click on the "My Applications" tab and then "E-Certification."
C. On the Home Tab, there is a list of applications. Find the one that says "Apply for College Recommendation Here." Do not click on any other application.
D. Complete the steps to submit your application and pay your fee.
E. Your endorsement will be issued approximately 2-3 weeks after paying your fee.




Article Number: 20282, 2870