WA Limited Teaching Certificates

For WGU Washington Students who are currently enrolled in a teacher preparation program, there are certificates available to meet the needs of employing school districts. These certificates are referred to as Limited Teaching Certificates 


Limited Teaching Certificates that require verification by the WGU Licensure Office:


  1. Conditional Teacher Certificate - Requires completion of form 4050E
  2. Emergency Teacher Certificate - Requires completion of form 4026E
  3. Intern Substitute Certificate - Requires entry into the Communication Log of your EDS eCert account 

Requirements for all Washington Limited Teaching Certificates:


  1. Active enrollment in a WGU Teacher Preparation Program  
  2. Active account in the Washington OSPI eCert system 
  3. Applications must be initiated by your employing school district with OSPI  

Visit the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction Website for requirements and application information on Washington Limited Teaching Certificates.  

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