WA Recommendations for Multiple Endorsements in Science

Washington: Recommendations for Multiple Endorsements in Science

Note: While we do our best to give you accurate and up to date information about your state requirements, we are not infallible. State requirements change frequently. It is your responsibility, and in your best interest, to double check certification and licensure requirements with your state’s Department of Education.

Some candidates in Washington who complete secondary (grades 5-12) initial teacher preparation programs may be eligible to receive a recommendation for endorsement in more than one area of science (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, or General Science). WGU does not offer dual majors for science programs. Therefore, students may only qualify for a recommendation in multiple science areas if they have already completed appropriate content coursework at previous institutions by the time they apply for demonstration teaching. WGU can not provide an additional endorsement recommendation for Middle Level Science. The areas for which candidates may be eligible are: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, or General Science.

To qualify for a recommendation in multiple areas, the following requirements must be satisfied:


1. Candidates must have completed sufficient coursework in each additional content area. To review these requirements, refer to the attachment titled “Graduate Transfer Guidelines – Teachers College Science Content Guidelines” in the Content Evaluation Requirements for Entrance to the Post-Baccalaureate or Master of Arts in Teaching.... Candidates who believe they have completed sufficient coursework from previous institutions in the additional area(s) must request a Transcript Evaluation by submitting an e-mail to transcriptinfo@wgu.edu. The email must request a content evaluation for the additional area(s) of science and indicate which official transcripts were already sent to WGU at the time you applied for admission. Candidates who are seeking an additional recommendation in General Science must meet the content requirements listed under “Science Education (5-9).” 


The Content Evaluation is due before your Demonstration Teaching (DT) Intro Call.  Your Field Placement coordinator is not authorized to search for a placement in multiple areas of science unless your content evaluation is uploaded to your Field Experiences portal prior to your DT intro call.


2. DT must include at least one period for each additional content area for which a recommendation is sought. It is the candidate’s responsibility to communicate their request for placement in multiple areas of science to the Field Placement department during the DT Intro Call.  A placement for DT is never guaranteed and requests for placements in multiple science classrooms may be more difficult to obtain.


3. Candidates must pass the corresponding exam in each content area for which a recommendation is sought:


 Endorsement  If passed on or before August 30, 2016  If passed on or after August 31, 2016
 Designated Science: Biology  WEST-E Biology (022)  NES Biology (305)
 Designated Science: Chemistry  WEST-E Chemistry (023)  NES Chemistry (306)
 Designated Science: Earth & Space Science  WEST-E Earth and Space Science (024)  NES Earth and Space Science (307)
 Designated Science: Physics  WEST-E Physics (025)  NES Physics (308)
 Science (general)  WEST-E Science (021)  NES General Science (311)



Upon graduating from their program, the certification officer will audit the candidate’s records for evidence of satisfying the above requirements. Contact licensure@wgu.edu if you have any questions.

If you have already graduated from your program, or wish to obtain additional science endorsements but did not meet these requirements in time, you may still add additional areas of science after you graduate by passing the appropriate WEST-E exam. For additional information, please see Washington's Pathways Chart for Adding Endorsements.





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