WGU Basic Skills Requirement and Cut Scores

WGU Basic Skills Requirement and Cut Scores

WGU has established two options to satisfy the WGU basic skills teacher education program requirement:

1. Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators: Combined Test (5751)
2. Praxis I, Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) (If all three subtests are passed prior to August 31, 2014)

You must pass either the Praxis Core or Praxis I PPST exam unless your state requires another basic skills test. If your state requires another basic skills test, you should take your state's basic skills test, which will fulfill WGU's Basic Skills requirement. If your state does not require a basic skills test, you must meet the WGU required scores on either the Praxis Core or the Praxis I PPST exam as listed in the table below. If your state requires the Praxis Core or Praxis I PPST, then you must meet your state's required scores on the Core or PPST exam. Review your individual state Basic Skills article in this handbook for state specific requirements. You are responsible for Basic Skills exam registration and test fees. Registration is available at www.ets.org/praxis. More information on the Core Academic Skills for Educators test may be found here.

Note: The Praxis I PPST exam will no longer be offered by ETS/Praxis after August 31, 2014. WGU will continue to accept passing scores on the Praxis I PPST for those who passed all three subtests of the exam prior to this date. If you did not pass all three Praxis I PPST subtests by this date, then you must pass all three subtests of the Praxis Core exam instead.

WGU's current required scores for the Praxis I PPST and the Core Academic Skills for Educators exams:

Praxis I PPST

Core Academic Skills for Educators

Reading — 175

Reading — 156

Writing — 174

Writing — 162

Mathematics — 173

Mathematics — 150

Composite Score Option for Praxis I — 522*

No Composite Score Option Available for the Core

*Note:  WGU also allows teacher candidates to meet WGU’s basic skills requirement on the Praxis I by meeting the composite score of 522 with no single score on any section being more than 3 points lower than the required score above.  There is no composite score option for the Core.  If your state requires other scores or other tests, you must meet your state’s requirements.

Additional Learning Resources For Praxis CORE:
The WGU Library offers PrepSTEP, a service that includes Praxis test preparation resources. You can access this resource by going to the WGU Library, clicking the Quick Links button, then Teachers College Quick Links. It can also be accessed via this link:https://login.wgu.idm.oclc.org/login?url=http://www.prepstep.com. You may be required to enter your student ID.
If you would like additional help in preparing for the Praxis CORE, WGU has partnered with McGraw-Hill to provide a practice test resource. Click on the following for access: https://lrps.wgu.edu/provision/49249808

For more specific mathematics assistance for the math section of the Praxis CORE, WGU students can contact the WGU Math Center. The Math Center has its own math diagnostic and preparation program for Praxis or other state exams, using EdReady. The Math Center has also developed practice problem sets and generated sample or practice exams for students to use. Math Center instructors are available for one-on-one meetings to discuss any math questions. Students can email mathcenter@wgu.edu or make a Time Trade appointment with an instructor. The Math Center website can be found here: https://my.wgu.edu/success-centers/math-center.*

*Note: If clicking on this link does not work, copy and paste into a new web browser. If you have further issues, contact our IT department at (877) 435-7948, ext. 3103.

Alternate Basic Skills Options:

In some cases, WGU will accept an approved alternate exam to satisfy the Basic Skills requirement that applies to your state. If an alternate exam is acceptable, it will be published in your individual state Basic Skills article in this handbook. No alternate exam may be accepted if it is not published in your individual state Basic Skills article. 

As a WGU program requirement, you must always pass an actual approved Basic Skills exam. Therefore, you may not be exempt from taking an actual exam by using other criteria (such as possessing a bachelor's degree), even if your state allows for this kind of exemption for certification purposes.




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