WGU Cut Scores for Assessments That Require Praxis Examinations

If your degree plan includes a Praxis II assessment, then you must meet the cut score published in the table below* to receive a pass on your degree plan for the Praxis II assessment. If you are in an initial teacher preparation program, or if you are in an endorsement program and you wish to add an endorsement to your credential, then you must also meet your state’s cut score to satisfy licensure requirements. The WGU cut score and the state cut score may be different. Each must be met.

*The following cut scores are in effect as of August 1, 2014. Cut scores are subject to change at anytime and this table may not show the current cut score required at the time you take the exam. Check the Assessment Information page in your Degree Plan for the current cut score of your assessment.
WGU Assessment Prefix
(Depending on Program Version)
Praxis Exam WGU Cut Score
C287 CXV 0061 (paper) or 5061 (computer), Mathematics: Content Knowledge 138
5161, Mathematics:  Content Knowledge 160
C286 CYV 0069, Middle School Mathematics 145
5169, Middle School Mathematics 165
C294 CZV 0235 (paper) or 5235 (computer), Biology: Content Knowledge 149
C297 DAV 0265 (paper) or 5265 (computer), Physics: Content Knowledge 136
C293 DBV 5440, Middle School Science 150
0439, Middle School Science 145
0435 (paper) or 5435 (computer), General Science: Content Knowledge 149
C295 DCV 0245 (paper) or 5245 (computer), Chemistry: Content Knowledge 151
C296 DDV 0571 (paper) or 5571 (computer), Earth Science: Content Knowledge 153



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