WI Certification Requirements and Available Licenses


Early Childhood - Regular Education, Birth-3
Elementary and Middle School, Grades K-9
Cross-Categorical Special Education, Grades K-12
Middle and High School Social Studies, Grades 4-12
Middle and High School Mathematics, Grades 4-12
Middle and High School Science (Biology), Grades 4-12
Middle and High School Science (Chemistry), Grades 4-12
Middle and High School Science (Earth and Space Science), Grades 4-12
Middle and High School Science (Physics), Grades 4-12
English as a Second Language, Grades PreK-12
Middle and High School English and Language Arts, Grades 4-12
Principal, Grades PreK-12


Please note: Licenses issued before 8/1/2018 will likely have different subject titles and/or grade ranges.

Wisconsin has the following requirements for all applicants for teacher certification who complete an out-of-state, online program:
1. PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS: Completion of a teacher preparation program that is approved in its home-state to lead to teacher certification and eligibility for licensure in the program's home-state.

2. BACKGROUND CHECK: Fingerprint clearance resulting from completing the required background check.

3. CONTENT AREA REQUIREMENT: For secondary education teacher candidates, a major in the content area specialization for which certification is sought.

4. EXAM REQUIREMENTS: Passing scores on the basic skills and content exams required for both certification in WI and certification in the home-state of the teacher preparation program. For more information, please refer to the WI Table of Contents: Teacher Licensure Articles to find the exams required for your program.

5. WI INDIAN TRIBES AND ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: Wisconsin requires teacher candidates to complete coursework in the study of Wisconsin Indian tribes and environmental education, which is not covered by WGU's teacher preparation programs.  If you have not satisfied these requirements previous to applying for teacher certification in WI but have passed all Praxis exams required for WI certification, you may be issued an three-year educator license with stipulations. You will have to satisfy these requirements as part of your three-year professional development period. For information on local providers of this coursework, please visit the WI DPI webpage regarding Statutory License Stipulations.

6. READING AND LANGUAGE ARTS INSTRUCTION COURSEWORK: Reading and Language Arts coursework is also required in Wisconsin for certification in early childhood and elementary education.  This coursework is covered by WGU's teacher preparation programs.

7. TEACHING PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT: Completion of teaching performance assessment (edTPA) during student teaching.


8. STUDENT TEACHING: Wisconsin state law requires that teacher candidates complete a full semester of full-time student teaching. WGU’s teacher preparation programs are state-approved in Utah, and a full semester of student teaching is defined as 12 weeks. Upon review of your Wisconsin licensure application, Wisconsin DPI may issue your three-year educator license with a “Student Teaching – Not Enough Weeks” stipulation. This stipulation is not a deficiency and can be removed once you have completed 18 weeks of successful full-time teaching experience by having your employing school district complete the verification of employment form (https://dpi.wi.gov/sites/default/files/imce/forms/pdf/f1613.pdf). If you have questions regarding this stipulation, please contact WGU’s Licensure Office at licensure@wgu.edu.

For further details, please see the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website.


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