WI Elementary Education Certification and Exam Requirements

This license requires the equivalent of an undergraduate minor in a core subject area (i.e. math, science, social science, or english).  If you have not satisfied this requirement previous to applying for teacher licensure in WI but have satisfied the other requirements for WI certification, you will receive a five-year initial educator license with stipulations.  You will have to satisfy any coursework deficiencies as part of your professional development during the period of that license.

In Wisconsin, this program leads to a license in Elementary and Middle School (Grades K-9)


UT Content Exam*: Praxis 5001, Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects

Note: The Praxis 5031, Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects, is an eligible exam if at least one subtest was passed by 8/31/14 with all four subtests passed by 7/1/15. The Praxis 5014, Elementary Education: Content Knowledge will also qualify if passed by 8/31/12.

Pedagogy Exam: NES Foundations of Reading

* While Wisconsin does not require you to apply for and receive a UT teaching license before applying for WI licensure, WI does require you to be eligible for UT certification.  This means that you will need to pass both the UT content exam required for initial elementary education licensure (Praxis 5001, 5031, or 5014) and the exam that WI requires (NES Foundations of Reading) in order to be eligible for certification in WI.

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