WV Elementary Education Certification and Exam Requirements

West Virginia Elementary Education Certification and Exam Requirements

In West Virginia, this program leads to initial licensure in Elementary Education K-6


Content Exams: 

Praxis 5001, Elementary Education Multiple Subjects (4 subtests)* 

AND Praxis 5205, Teaching Reading: Elementary (as of 9/1/2019)

(Praxis 5203, Teaching Reading: Elementary Education will be accepted if passed prior to 9/1/2020)

You must pass both of these tests to be eligible for a Clinical Experience Permit, to graduate from this program, and to be recommended for certification.

**If you were in the January 2018 Demonstration Teaching cohort or prior, the Praxis 5203 will not be required for graduation but is required to be recommended for certification.

Important Information Regarding Exam Requirements for DT

Pedagogy Exam:

Praxis 5622, Principles of Learning and Teaching: Grades K-6

You must pass these tests to be recommended for certification. 

Note:  if you completed edTPA during the demonstration teaching portion of your WGU teacher preparation program, then you do not need to pass the Praxis 5622, Principles of Learning and Teaching: Elementary K-6. If you did not complete edTPA, then you will need to pass Praxis 5622 to be eligible for licensure recommendation in West Virginia.


*Previous Content Exams:
Prior to September 1, 2015: Praxis 5031, Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects (4 subtests) was the content exam required for West Virginia certification. Students who have passed at least one section of the 5031 before 9/1/15 can take only the remaining subtests of the 5001 to complete all 4 subtests. WV will allow these exam subtests to be mix and match.
Prior to Sept. 1, 2013: Praxis 5011, Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment was the content exam required for West Virginia certification.


Practicum Requirement

West Virginia requires completion of demonstration teaching in a public school.



Visit these links for important information: 

General Information About Licensing in West Virginia

Registering for Praxis Exams

Submitting Exam Scores to WGU 

Applying for Your West Virginia Teaching License




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