How the Writing Center Can Help



 Who can benefit from working with The Writing Center?

  • Inexperienced writers
  • Experienced writers
  • Undergraduate students
  • Graduate students
  • Native English speakers
  • Non-native English speakers


 What is competency-based writing?

Competency-based writing requires that students uphold WGU’s Academic Authenticity Policies and demonstrate effective professional communication (articulation). Professional communication focuses on five critical competency areas: word choice, sentence fluency, parts of speech, conventions, and organization.


Competency-based writing is the product of your effort and writing ability; therefore, Writing Center Instructors cannot edit or proofread your paper in part or in total. When you schedule a Writing Center appointment, the most important outcome is your development as an independent, competent writer, which can be demonstrated through solid self-editing skills. 



How else does the Writing Center assist students?

In addition to assisting students with professional communication (articulation), we also help students with the following:

  • APA and general source acknowledgement
  • Originality concerns
  • Praxis and other teacher basic skills exams
  • Writing process (getting started, organization, etc.)
  • Research process
74% helpful (11/15)